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Many kitchen remodeling ideas revolve around improving function. Whether it’s a layout that’s better for family foot traffic or a countertop arrangement that facilitates easier food preparation, function is very important for kitchen remodeling. One aspect of improved function is better appliances. For certain appliances, like a refrigerator, a new model or different doors may be enough to improve function, but when it comes to ranges, there are a lot of considerations to be made.

Ranges come in all different shapes and sizes, and a kitchen renovation is the perfect time to install the shape and size that are right for you. Here are some of the most important things to think about when you’re looking for a new range.

Be realistic about what you need With the popularity of cooking television shows and food-centric magazines, more people have been becoming amateur chefs. But just because you’re learning to mince at lightening speed and cook restaurant-quality food doesn’t mean that you have to buy all the toys the professionals have. As This Old House magazine warned, homeowners and overzealous home chefs can bite off more than they can chew. The magazine pointed to a foodie who purchased and installed a professional range hood, but it was so loud that he never used it. Be careful before investing in a top-of-the-line range. You may be able to cook and bake just as well with a more appropriately sized model.

Think about the pros and cons of gas vs. electric For many homeowners, especially during a kitchen remodeling, a major consideration is whether to go gas or electric with their range. Consumer review website TopTenREVIEWS pointed to the advantages and disadvantages of the popular fuel options.

Electric ranges are often easier to install and cheaper to buy. They’re also usually flat for extra counter space when not in use. However, they won’t work during a power outage and the surface stays hot long after you turn it off and takes a while to heat up.

Gas stoves are preferred by the professionals because of the versatility of a flame. Gas ranges, although more expensive on average at the outset, are cheaper to operate. They also allow for more temperature versatility. But gas ranges can be dangerous, especially with young children.

“We find that the biggest deciding factors for our clients are the ease of cleaning an electric range or cooktop versus the control of instant temperature change of a gas heating surface,” says Ron Benkin of Alure Designs, a leading remodeler in these here Long Island parts. “One trend that’s coming back from the 60’s is the use of induction cooking surfaces. It offers the flat glass surface that’s much easier to keep clean and the versatility of gas. It heats up and cools down in a flash and is the safest method of cooking as the surface is never hot to the touch. We encourage everyone to look into it, but be aware, your pots and pans may have to be replaced as induction works on electromagnetic energy and only certain metals will heat up on it.”

Consider your options You don’t have to settle for a basic, one-unit range anymore. There are dozens of options and configurations that you can add to your kitchen for a unique cooking setup. As Houzz showed, there are unique and custom cooktops, double wall ovens and even warming drawers for frequent dinner party hosts.

Real Simple magazine also advised homeowners to think about practical concerns like cleaning. A large professional oven may look great and work well the first time you use it, but you don’t have a cleaning staff that comes in overnight and cleans your whole kitchen. In a practical sense, cleaning is an important consideration. Another helpful function may be convection abilities, where a fan can help more evenly cook through circulating hot air.

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