7 tips for finding your optimal new kitchen sink

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Choosing to renovate your kitchen can be both exciting and stressful. While you know you’ll end up with a new, stylish kitchen at the end of the day, you have dozens of major decisions to make before you’ll be standing in that new kitchen cooking a meal. Between choosing cabinet style and countertop material, it can feel daunting.

Use these tips to make the decision of picking out your new kitchen sink a little bit better. This advice and talking with your kitchen designer can help you home in on your perfect sink.

“Don’t be afraid to … put your hands in the sink and actually use it.”

1. Try it before you buy it 
No matter how perfect a sink looks in a catalog, it’s hard to tell how it really looks and feels in person. Alure Home Improvements’ kitchen design expert Christina Piekut explained that this is why it’s an absolute must for homeowners to try out a sink in the showroom before making a decision.

“Don’t be afraid to be an actor or actress and put your hands in the sink and actually use it,” Piekut explained. “You’re in your sink a lot, so before selecting one you need to get into character and actually use it.”

Make sure you like the material, the look of the design, the depth and width of the sinks, and even the faucet.

2. Think about your countertops
One of the easiest ways to eliminate certain sink options from the contenders is to decide on a countertop style. Certain counter materials work better with some sink options than others.

For quartz or granite countertops, an undermount sink is optimal. It sits below the countertop material without any lip, making for a counter surface that runs without obstruction and is simpler to clean.

For laminate countertops, the best option is a drop-in sink. Whether you choose stainless steel or cast iron, which comes in an array of colors, these sinks are easy to install and look great with laminate counters.

Undermount sinks work best with stone countertops.
Undermount sinks work best with stone countertops.

3. Keep your own height in mind 
While style and material may take up the lion’s share of the discussions about new kitchen sinks, depth is actually one of the most important factors when you’re living with a sink. When it comes to determining depth, you need to think about your own height. Sinks that are too deep may be an issue over time for a person who is tall.

For example, if you’re over 6-feet tall and spend time washing dishes in your deep undermount sink, you may end up with back pain over time. Instead, opt for a sink with fewer than 9 inches of depth.

4. Balance style with function 
Because your kitchen serves such a specific purpose, function is as important as style during a renovation. Ensure that the style, material and shape of your sink will fit your kitchen’s new design theme as well as the way you want to cook.

For example, if you’ve been picturing a porcelain farmhouse sink for your rustic, cottage-style kitchen but you have a lot of kids around, you may be risking cracks, chips and scuffs. A better option may be durable stainless steel or aesthetically pleasing nickel.

Also, think about whether you want one basin or two, if you’d prefer design elements over easy cleaning and how much you’ll need to fit in your sink at one time.

“Telling your designer what you don’t want in a sink can be as helpful as saying what you do.”

5. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’
Make sure you tell your kitchen designer what you want and don’t want in a sink’s style and function. Piekut explained that hearing what clients don’t want can be just as helpful to finding that perfect sink as describing their dream sink.

6. Talk about accessories 
Although accessories are far from the most important aspects of selecting a sink, accessories like the drain type, specific drying and washing racks, detachable cutting boards and strainers can be fun and functional parts of a new sink.

7. Pick the sink you’ll be happy using every day 
When it comes down to it, you’ll use this sink hundreds of times a year. From rinsing fruit to washing pots and pans, it’s important to make a selection you feel confident and excited about. Don’t compromise on what you want.

Take the time to work through all of your sink options with your kitchen designer until you have something you’ll be proud of.

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