5 reasons people choose to renovate their kitchens

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If you find yourself looking at your kitchen and wondering if it’s time for a renovation, it might be a good idea to think about the reasons why other people redo their kitchens. There are a number of things that can lead people to decide on a kitchen remodeling project, and these can help you get prospective on your own home and whether it’s time to tackle a full scale kitchen renovation project.

Custom kitchen and bathroom designer at Alure Home Improvements, Sherry Gossett talked about some of the most popular reasons that people decide to get a new kitchen. 

1. The kitchen is outdated 
In an interview, Gossett explained that the biggest reason people want to redo their kitchen is that it looks old, outdated or ugly in the homeowners’ opinion. Sometimes people move into a home with the intention of redoing a dated kitchen, while other times people may have simply outgrown the older space.

Since cabinets are such a significant portion of a kitchen, they can have a big impact on a kitchen looking dated. Gossett said that older framed cabinets and cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling are two common dated looks. Other aspects that can make a kitchen look older and in need of a renovation include backsplash or counter color, certain woods and some soffits.

2. It’s starting to fall apart
Over time, many kitchen mainstays such as cabinets, counters, and appliances may start to break or fall apart.

“Usually I come in and the cabinets are either dated or broken. The dishwasher may not work, the appliances may be old, the lighting may not be good,” Gossett explained.

These issues can make a homeowner quickly decide that it’s time for a new kitchen. The benefits of a renovation in this situation are obvious. Not only will the kitchen no longer look run down, it’ll function better and be built to last.

3. Homeowners want a new home design
Many kitchen makeovers are part of a larger project. Open concept living and cooking areas are great options that many homeowners are turning to. These designs knock down the walls that divide rooms to create a bigger feeling living area.

4. It doesn’t have enough storage 
Changing the shape and purpose of the kitchen is also important for adding storage. Gossett said that she’s seen many homeowners opt for a kitchen renovation to add more space and storage to their home. Many people are uncomfortable with the look and function of a cluttered kitchen, so a remodeling job can maximize space and provide many more storage options.

5. The house is going on the market 
Homeowners who are considering selling their house in the near future also go for a new kitchen installation. Kitchens can be the difference between a easy sell at your asking price or uninterested buyers. Gossett recommended people redo the kitchen sooner rather than later, so that they can put in a lovely new space, take advantage of it then use it as a selling point years later.

“If you’re on the fence and feel like you’re going to move in 5 years, it’s a great investment because you’ll enjoy it in the meantime and sell your home faster,” she advised.

Think about these common reasons for kitchen renovations to determine if a new kitchen is right for your home.

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