Why We Love to Hear Customer Stories

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One of my favorite parts of working at Alure Home Improvements is to call customers after a basement renovation has been completed to let them know how much an energy tax credit they’re entitled to.

So what are you using the space for? I ask them. It’s remarkable the diversity of answers I get to that question.

I remember one answer in particular that touched me very much in its honesty and its message. The customer in question started off by telling me how she had outfitted the basement for her husband to display a Mets theme in all of the furniture and accessories: The coasters, pictures, card tables, foosball, bumper pool table, Big screen TV’s, scorecards, on and on.

When I remarked that he was a lucky guy to have all these toys, the customer said to me:

You don’t understand. He deserves that and more. He works 7 days a week in two jobs and NEVER complains “he just comes home and hands me his paycheck and spends what waking time he has with me and the two boys. He never demands anything or expects everybody to wait on him. I would say he has this basement as a reward for all his hard work and working so his family can live comfortably and the kids to be able to go to college. We don’t go out so this is our vacation, but mostly I did it for HIM!”

I was blown away by her sincerity and once again remembered that the home is so much more than just shelter! I gave her the directions to apply for the tax credit and thanked her for telling me her story.

When we work on these homes I never want to forget that there is more than just resale value at stake. The bigger message is that these renovations and remodels improve people’s quality of life, help bring a family together and “hey” YOU DESERVE IT!

We often get great letters and Facebook messages from our customers detailing their home remodel and result on their lives. All these are exciting ways for us to also be rewarded by helping people get what they want!

To see and hear some of these stories and messages from our customers, make sure to visit our Facebook page.  If you would like to share your experience with us, we’d love to hear it.

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