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That’s right, we think YOU are awesome! Please allow me a moment to explain why. We were thrilled to learn that we had earned an award for Best Campaign at this year’s Marketing Over Coffee Awards for our use of social networking during the Lutz Family Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. A great deal of this recognition needs to be extended to our community as all of the contributors really made the experience all that it could be. So much so that leaders in the marketing field noticed and paid attention. John Wall and Christopher Penn host a podcast called Marketing Over Coffee and it is one of the most subscribed to podcasts for those looking to stay informed on the latest in online marketing and communications. Sal Ferro and I had the privilege to meet Jon Wall when we attended the Inbound Marketing Summit back in October. John is a big fan of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and noticed Sal at a pre-event network gathering. We got to talking and he invited Sal and I to be guests on an upcoming show. The podcast was released just before New Years Day and the discussion centered around Alure’s involvement with Extreme Makeover through the years and how we were able to assemble this great online community. You can listen to the entire podcast here. We really do appreciate everyone that chooses to connect with us, whether in person, on the phone, e-mail or in social channels. Please continue to contribute to the discussion. These online communities allow us to get to know so much more about our connections and hopefully gives you some insight into us as a brand as well as the individuals that make up the brand. We are very grateful and honored to be included with all of the other award winners. It is great to be recognized by two people so highly respected in this area of expertise. Please accept this post as our congratulations to you, our friends, for your part in this wonderful award. Look for future posts where we will share lessons learned from this experience. Hopefully these will be of value to you in your professional and personal online presence. Until then, feel free to connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or add your comments right here.

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