How to Make Your Own Video Game Room

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No matter if you’re a PC or console gamer, every true video game lover dreams about making a gaming room that will provide hours and hours of digital adventures in ultimate comfort. If you got a green light from your partner or spouse about making such a room in your house, you’re one of the lucky ones! Make sure to use that opportunity well and create a perfect game room. Here are some of the best tips and ideas that will turn you into a real virtual warrior!

Boost insulation

Gaming can be super loud, especially if you have a good setup and prefer shooter video games. So, make sure the rest of your family can rest peacefully without any heart attacks and insulate your space well. You can start by grabbing quality doors that will keep all the noise safely inside and ensure good thermo-insulation as well. If you think that’s not enough, you can even look into some noise insulation panels for your basement that not only look super modern and futuristic but also keep the rest of your home nice and quiet.

Power and cables

Your game room will contain a lot of different cables and chargers, so make sure to invest in quality stuff. Pay special attention to quality HDMIs. No matter the length, more expensive gear will provide better connections and faster transfer rates. You might also invest in a good power source. Don’t plug your high-tech setup into a cheap power strip—God knows how long will it stay protected! Look for something surge-protected, reliable and long-lasting.

Play with your setup

If you’re a passionate PC gamer, you know just how important it is to have a good gaming computer that will allow you to run even the most demanding games without any issues and overheating. But, for the best gaming mood, you also need a good computer monitor. If you invest in a proper gaming monitor you will never want to go back to your basic setup! The color will pop and you’ll be provided with a clear and smooth image. Battlefield and The Witcher never looked that good! If you’re a console gamer, one of the best solutions is to get a good TV. While you can go gigantic with size if you have a big room, 60 to 80’’ is all you really need. The colors will be vibrant and you won’t miss any details.

Don’t neglect sound

Even though TVs come with their own integrated speakers, it would be a real shame not to make your new gaming room boom and shake with some serious sound system. There are two directions you can go—choose a home theater or pick an aesthetic soundbar. While not so gracious and elegant, a home theater can also be used for other media thrills thanks to its several HDMI-in ports and HDMI outs. No matter what you choose, you’ll get a clear sound that will make any gaming experience more immersive.

Provide comfort

Gaming is a sedentary activity, which means you’ll need to invest in some comfortable and quality furniture for your game room. If you’re a PC gamer, don’t hesitate to splurge on a good computer chair. Today, you can find amazing models that provide good back and neck support and feel comfortable even after hours of gaming. If you prefer PS or Xbox, you can grab a good sofa and add a lounge chair. If you love to invite your friends over for Mortal Kombat tournaments or FIFA matches, all of you will have a spot to enjoy your friendly competitions.

Ensure good lighting

Staring at a screen or TV for a long time is bad on itself, but if you do so in the complete dark, it can really hurt your vision. So, you need to provide a secondary light source in your game room. Besides your general lighting, you can grab a cool floor lamp that will both light up your space and serve as a nice decorative element. Want something more high-tech? Nanoleaf or Lifx smart lights will be a perfect addition to your space. They can be programmed to perform a whole light show on your walls or shine white to provide subtle general lighting.

Finish with a few aesthetic details

Sure, you want to concentrate on your game, but you’ll feel much more immersed if you fill your space with a few decorative items. Consider grabbing your fave video game posters and framing them on your wall. For something more personal, you can go hunting for in-game beautiful scenes and snap screenshots for your wall gallery. If you’re a serious collector, put up some shelves that will not only allow you to display your game collection, but also show off your action figures and gaming-inspired props.

Gaming from your personal game room will be a whole new experience! Make sure to share it with your like-minded friends and your partner or kids and you’ll enjoy gaming more than ever before no matter how old or experienced you are.


About The Author: Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home decor and latest DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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