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We all love our old vintage-style homes. However, it can be challenging to keep them looking great and fresh over time. It is an excellent idea to restyle your old home with a new and trendy style now and then. The world is changing, and so are home decorating trends. When it comes to interior design styles, the contemporary style is one of the most popular. The clean lines and bold color schemes make this a perfect choice for many homeowners looking to update their outdated or traditional-style homes. Read on to learn how to restyle your old home with a touch of contemporary style.

Replace the Old and Tired

One way to restyle your old home is by replacing the outdated or tired pieces in it. This doesn’t always mean that you need to replace them with new furniture; instead, look at what you already have and see if there are ways of revitalizing their colors and textures. For example, try repainting an old dresser with a new color or spruce up the kitchen walls by adding a fresh coat of paint. Replace the worn-out rugs with new ones. Another way to restyle your old home is by furniture placement and organization. For example, if the living room has a fireplace, move it away from one of the walls so that you can decorate around it without looking cluttered or messy. This will create an open space that adds dimension to the area. Make sure to keep the furniture arrangement nice and tidy, with no pieces overlapping.

Keep an Open Mind

There are many different ways to restyle your home, and you often get stuck in their ideas about what will work best. Do you know your decorating style? Try to keep your mind open about what you might like if it were a different style. Most importantly, have fun with your home and try something new! Style your home according to your personal preference. You can choose to keep the style of your home traditional or go for a more contemporary look.

Sleek and Simple Furniture

Restyle your classic-style home and give it a more contemporary feel with sleek and simple furniture. Furniture stores offer many different styles of furniture to choose from; you can find something that suits your style, whether it be modern or traditional. This includes couches, chairs, and coffee tables, all in different colors so that they match the décor of your home just right! Contemporary style is a great way to update your home and make it look fresh again.

Don’t forget about Wallpapers.

An interior design tip that will make you happier at home is to replace your old wallpaper with a new one. Choose from different hues and patterns, so it will be fun finding ones that you like! It’s also essential to make sure the paper is smooth enough for easy cleaning. Wallpapers are inexpensive, and they transform any room in your house into an inspiring space that feels fresh and beautiful. If you’re considering a remodel, save your old wallpaper from being reused in the new space. You might want to use it as accent paper to add some color or pattern without having to paint an entire wall!

Neutral and Simple Color palette

Give your home a fresh new feel with the color palette. Choose neutral colors such as green, gray, and brown for walls and floors. Add splashes of bright colors like yellow or orange in pillows, rugs, or pictures on the wall. The white space can be used to create an airy feeling by incorporating lots of natural light.

Contemporary Furniture Styles

Replace your old furniture with contemporary pieces. Contemporary style is all about clean lines, light colors, and lots of space. If you prefer other types, replace the bed or sofa. For example: use a modern shaped daybed instead of the traditional one that fills up a whole room! A new sofa in a bright color can add that pop of creativity to any room. Create an indoor oasis for your family and friends by adding touches of contemporary style to your home!

Make it Open and Airy.

Modern homes are all about clean lines, light colors, and lots of space. To achieve this airy feeling in your home, you can place many windows to create the illusion of more open areas. Install skylights or glass walls so that there is an abundance of natural light coming into every room from multiple angles. It gives you the option to enjoy the outside while you are indoors on those sunny days. Furthermore, Use a light color scheme and uncomplicated furniture pieces with clean lines, so there is an openness in your home. Adding floating shelves, minimalist lighting fixtures, or adding modern art can also create this feeling of freedom in any space. Many homes these days don’t even need to have carpets because they are installing hardwood floors.

Use Texture

The texture is the key element to a contemporary space and can be achieved with natural stone surfaces, wood, or metals. Incorporate Pakistani rugs, wood or metal surfaces (flooring), and natural fibers into the space. Textured wallpapers and fabrics are also a great way to add texture.

Comfortable Textiles

Contemporary style is the other name of simplicity and comfort. The furniture is often very minimalistic, and the textiles are soft. All of these elements will make a space feel more modern and cozy as well! Silk and cotton are typically used to provide a feeling of luxury and comfort.

Don’t Forget about Nature.

Contemporary style is not just about interior design. It’s also about incorporating nature into your space, the more natural elements. Showcase plants and flowers as they add a level of freshness to any room! Use indoor plants in your home for that natural touch.

Enjoying the outdoors

Add an outdoor space! This will make your home feel more like a natural home because you can enjoy time outside with family, friends, or just by yourself. The perfect way to bring nature into your house is through raw materials such as wood furniture that draws you outside.

Final Touches

Lighting is also an essential aspect of contemporary styled home space. Adding accent lighting to your furniture will create the perfect atmosphere and make it seem like you’re living in modern art! Use overhead or task lights for reading, sewing, cooking, or eating. Outdoor spaces can be transformed with candles and string lights.

On a Final Note

It’s so easy to give your old home a new look with a touch of contemporary style. The chances are you have a lot of great memories in your home. With the right contemporary design rug, you can restyle and update any room to match your current lifestyle without losing what makes it unique to you.

About The Author: Naheed Mir Is CEO and chief designer of RugKnots, a company specializing in luxurious original and custom, hand-knotted Oriental rugs at affordable prices. Connect with her on LinkedIn.
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