How to Design a Multi-Functional Space

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During this last year, we have all decided on new ventures and hobbies to try out while being stuck in our homes during quarantines. For some, time usually spent doing normal activities went towards remodeling and renovating our homes and living spaces. One of the biggest home renovation trends right now is re-designing a room to be a multipurpose space, as many searched on Google to find the best ways to utilize a space for both remote work and daily living.

Renovating your home to be more versatile can feel like an overwhelming task, but can easily be completed in different ways. Here are several techniques that you can redesign your living space to be multi-functional while staying organized and spacious in your home.

  1. Create walkways with furniture and color block areas: If you find that your home is a bit cramp or just one huge space, making purposeful zones or areas for different uses is useful. Separating your work life from home life can be difficult but creating a desk area with its lighting and furniture pieces can help it feel more detached from the rest of the living space. If you have just one open space in your home, pushing the bed to a corner wall can give you more walkway space. The same goes for a couch if you find that your living room area is tight, you can try pushing your couch to a wall with just a simple table in front will create more open space. Another way to keep your zones separate is to have individual color schemes for each area that work seamlessly. Adding textures and different fabrics can also help make the areas feel complete and their own.
  2. Use hidden storage to create more open space: Organizing your space can help to declutter and easily make a room feel more open. Try investing in furniture pieces that will allow you better storage space and other utilities. If you are looking for a new couch or seating arrangement, buying one with a storage room inside is great for gathering up miscellaneous items you do not necessarily want out for display. If you are someone that is currently working remotely or has kids continuing school at home, buy a dining table that can also convert into a comfortable workspace. You can find tables that have underneath storage as well as plugins for your devices.
  3. Blur the lines between the outside and indoor rooms: If you are lucky to live in a warmer climate with unused outdoor space, melding your spaces can allow for greater room and make your space feel larger. Buying smaller tables and seating arrangements that work as a living space but also won’t get hurt by unexpected weather is an easy trick to create almost a second living room. If you only have a small courtyard area outside your home or apartment, adding a couple of nice chairs and a small coffee table can add a new space to enjoy. If you are not afraid of making a large renovation, adding in large swinging french doors is a useful way to connect two rooms to create a bigger space.
  4. Office by day, guest room by night: If you want to make a guest room in your home, but do not have a specific room open or only have a home office, there are ways to do both simplistically. Finding a comfortable couch that includes a fold-up bed is great for hosting out-of-town guests while staying multi-functional. If you find that you truly have a tight living space, you can even make that your bed at night, while using the couch as your living room space during the day. This way you can maintain an open-space while using it for multiple purposes.
  5. Effectively contain the chaos of toys: If you are renovating for a family, it can be a challenge to create a living space that also can function as a play area for your kids. Incorporating a cube cubby storage is a great way to hold toys and crafts to keep down a mess. A popular trend is creating a chalkboard wall with black chalkboard paint which allows your little ones to be creative without adding more clutter to the room. Adding small seating squares that can lift for storage can also help to contain toys that your kids can easily find and access.

When creating a multi-functional space in your home, remember to be creative and think outside of the box. There are plenty of easy ways to improve your home without breaking your budget. You do not necessarily need to buy new home pieces or tear down drywall. Trying out new room arrangements with your furniture can make the living space feel refreshed. If you are looking for more in-depth styling tips for your living space, check out these 7 expert tips for restyling your home interior!

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