Choosing the Perfect Carpet for Your Bedroom

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If you are planning on getting a new carpet for your bedroom to either add a touch of unique style or save you from a cold bedroom floor, then you have a wide variety of carpeting options to choose from. While a bedroom carpet may seem like a minor detail for most people, picking the right rug will go a long way to help create that warm and cozy feeling needed in the bedroom. With both modern and traditional carpet designs currently available on the market, it can be quite challenging to pick out the right carpet that will be a perfect match for your bedroom. The options listed here below will be of great help:

1.  Pile fiber

  • Wool: This is for high-quality bedroom carpets. Although you may pay more for natural materials, you will also get a great-looking floor covering made from sustainable fiber, resilient, and durable. Wool is also ideal for insulation, reducing heat loss and noise. It retains its appearance very well while feeling soft under the feet. A woollen carpet is guaranteed to give your room a desired, cozy touch.
  • Wool-mix: Most people consider a mix of 80% wool with 20% human-made fibers like polyamide or polyester, as the best combination. The main advantage of wool-mix is that it is an all-purpose carpet material. This also means you get the right blend of two fibers to create a uniquely textured rug in your bedroom.
  • Polypropylene: This human-made fiber is popular because of its resistance to stains. You can clean it easily by using a part-bleached cleaning solution. However, be sure always to check the manufacturer’s directions for the exact cleaning instructions.
  • Polyamide: Sometimes known as nylon, polyamide comes in a broader range of colors not available in wool, making it an excellent all-purpose option for family homes. Also, good-quality nylon carpets have built-in stain-resistant treatments for wearability.
  • Polyester: Polyester, which is generally a cheaper option, is for shag carpets, appears like wool and feels remarkably soft. Plus, it is also durable and stain resistant.

2.  Pile Types

There are two main types of carpets available on the market – tufted and woven rugs.


  • Axminster: These are usually in oriental carpets, with fibers woven in and out through the surface. Axminster carpets are rather grand and patterned intricately. They offer quality and durability, although they are quite pricey. Most of them come in a velvet finish, although manufacturers are using twisted yarns also, as it helps to reduce shading. If you are trying to create an exotic theme in your room, these are the carpets you should go for.
  • Wilton: Wilton gets its name from the type of loom used; the yarn is weaved into a continuous strand of pure luxury.  This type of woven carpet comes in a wide range of patterns to choose from. Like the oriental Axminster carpet, Wilton carpets have a smooth and velvety surface.


  • Twist: Twist carpets are trendy and currently produced in plain colors or a combination of colors to create a ‘heather’ look. This helps to hide any build-up of dust and debris. It is also an ideal choice for places where tread often wears – areas like hallways and stairs.
  • Flatweave: A flatweave carpet is an excellent choice for stair runners, as it is created by interlocking warp and weft threads. Although it is looped, it sends the impression of being very flat while feeling firm underfoot.
  • Saxony: This is a deep-pile carpet, famous for its use in bedrooms; it has long tufts with a cut pile that gives it a gentle and soft feeling under the feet, with a luxurious look. Because of its long pile, it is easy to flatten. It means that furniture leg marks will not spring back.
  • Shag: Shag has extra-long tufts that make it look shaggy. It is an excellent choice for a warm, although not ideal for spaces with high traffic. It provides a gentle way to wake-up when you first get out of your bed in the morning.
  • Velvet: This option is a dense and short pile, which is the right choice for a luxurious floor covering. It comes with a smooth, cut-pile finish and is usually available in solid primary colors.

Other things to consider


Whether you live with pets or not, it is essential to provide routine maintenance of your carpets, as this will help ensure that it lasts as long as you want it to. Most bedroom carpet manufacturers recommend using a professional carpet cleaning service every 10 to 18 months. Doing this helps to preserve the life of the fibers while getting rid of excess debris and dirt. Some cleaning services provide cleaning shampoo and vacuum service while others opt for dry cleaning for the more special materials.

If you intend to clean your carpet yourself, then it is essential to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. This will help prevent discoloration, wearing out of the carpet fibers, and mold. Do your best to combine proper maintenance with routine spot cleaning and regular vacuuming. These techniques will not only help to keep your bedroom carpet looking new and fresh, but it will also make it last you a lifetime.

Decide on the right material

For your bedroom, your carpet material should be comfortable and soft underfoot as much as possible. This is the reason why choosing the right carpet texture is fundamental. Aside from the feel, the suitable material or texture can also give your bedroom the right luster or attraction appearance it needs.

For wall-to-wall floor covering, tufted carpets are usually the most inexpensive and popular option. The term ‘pile’ is used to describe the standing loops of fabric. Low piles typically do not retain heat sufficiently, while a high pile appears in the form of a shag rug. But depending on which kind of style you are going for, both high and low piles can be attractive options.

The most popular tufted materials are nylon and polyester blends, as they are cheaper to produce, durable, and generally less challenging to clean. However, a more expensive material like wool is also available if it falls within your budget. You can also opt for woven carpets if you are looking for a more luxurious touch. Plus, it tends to last much longer than the tufted material.


Choosing your ideal bedroom carpet is without a doubt a personal preference. There’s so many possibilities to get the ideal feel and look that you love. Whilst budget is no question for some people, it is usually the deciding factor. Your bedroom is all about comfort and homeliness, therefore don’t be afraid to spend a bit extra to get the feel you desire.

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