17 Home Improvement Trends in 2011 and Beyond

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My passion for social media exposes me to world of visual information on a daily basis. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a Home Improvement Trends for 2011 infographic from www.elocalplumbers.com, loaded with insight from 50 contributors on trends they see within the home improvement industry for this year and beyond. Let’s take a look at what these folks have to say.

Home Updates

  • Due to the state of the housing market, more people will look to stay in their current living space for the foreseeable future.
  • Small updates to the home can change the look and feel of the space and give the feeling of a new environment.
  • Curb appeal will be a greater focus. Interior home improvements have been the focal point in years past.
  • Reorganizing and redesigning existing space will be more likely than adding space for home owners.

Green Living

  • More families are concerned about the environment as a whole as well as the safety of their living space.
  • The use of natural light within the home will be more desirable wherever possible.
  • Eco-friendly components will be used throughout the home in areas such as flooring.
  • Products that promote efficiency with items such as water usage will be more in demand.

More Efficient Spaces

  • The benefits of working from home, known as Workshifting, have lead more and more people to work from home or bring their work home. Making space within the home that is conducive to getting office work done is becoming a priority.
  • Kitchen remodeling has incorporated the design of space for the family to gather for a few years now. It is expected that trend will continue.

New Technology in the Home

  • New technology is being used more and more in home designs and upgrades. Smart appliances, smart and efficient lighting and home automation will become common in people’s lives.
  • The way people consume information is constantly changing; we rely more on the internet everyday for experiences such as On-demand movies and television. Homeowners are willing to invest in technology that enhances their entertainment need.

Bringing Nature Indoors

  • Homes are becoming more of a retreat and people are creating inside environments that incorporate the look and feel of the outdoors.
  • Getting value through energy conservation will continue to be a goal as homeowners remodel.
  • Consumers have the ability to educate themselves with access to so much information. Today’s consumer knows so much more about a company or product long before they make the decision to actually make a purchase.
  • Projects that provide the most value to the home will continue to be a major consideration.

More Color

This topic strikes close to home as it was covered by Alure Kitchen and Bath Designer Gina Bonura in her two great pieces on color selection and the effects it has on your space. We agree that colors are a major consideration when homeowners look to transform their homes. – I found this infographic to be very useful and shared an outline here. What do you think about these trends? Is there anything not included in the graphic that you feel deserves to be included? We would love to hear what you think. Image from http://www.elocalplumbers.com

Home Improvement Trends 2011
Source: eLocal.com


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