Why Social Media is Essential to Alure’s Success

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For as long as Alure has been active on social networks, people ask us “why would a Long Island home remodeling company want to be on Facebook or Twitter”? When we at first started, I would reply: “We want to be active in the space before our competitors” or “we think they are going to be powerful communication tools.” I would probably answer that question a bit differently today. Our Facebook page, Twitter account and this blog are very powerful communication channels and we have learned so much by being active in those mediums. Allow me a moment to share some of what we have learned and explain why we think it is important to be here.

We Are In A Relationship Business

The fact that our business model is built on developing and maintaining good relationships with our customers is not new and has been at the core of our approach long before I got here eight years ago. Social Networking allows us to enhance that approach by connecting with people on their terms in an open format. The Internet has developed from a network that simply connected computers and information to a network that connects people and builds relationships. In the early days you would develop a web site and push your information to people for consumption. Today, people have the ability to respond and tell you how they feel about the message you are putting out or share their feelings on recent experiences with you. It is important that we as a company say what we mean and mean what we say. People are making buying decisions more and more each day based on what they see on social sites. We have to be actively listening and responsive to what people are saying.

Our Intentions Are Constantly On Display

We are active social networkers because of our company culture. Employees at all levels are dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations. Because of this, we are very responsive to all posts that reference us in social channels, both good and the occasional bad. I’m sure any business would want to know if something negative was being said about them regardless of the platform. Every time our company is mentioned in social networks, it provides us the opportunity to say “thank you” or “I’m sorry”. The fact that we are open to these exchanges I believe says a great deal about our actual intentions.

Our Community Makes It Happen

When I look back at the whole social experience of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build in June of 2010, I value how both the online and offline community came together to transform the lives of a very deserving family and share the experience across the world. Any request for volunteers or donations was met with overwhelming replies. As people had the chance to contribute to the experience, they went to Facebook or Twitter to share their story. It was powerful to witness and be a part of. When customers decide to post about their experience with our company, it provides valuable feedback to us and we can respond accordingly. The openness of these channels allows anyone to see these exchanges and formulate an opinion on what they see. We feel that social networks promote authenticity and provide valuable insight for all. We’d love to hear what you think about our social networking efforts. Have you connected with us online?? 

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