The Usea Family

Usea Family Extreme Makeover Home EditionThe Usea family was featured on Season 5 of ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Brad and Laura Usea were fortunate to have their family survive their first battle with natural disasters when Hurricane Katrina hit, but their home took a nasty beating from the brutal storm. Not only was their home severely damaged, but Brad¹s mother Grace¹s house was completely destroyed leaving her, Brad¹s older brother Chris, and Brad¹s twin brother Chad all homeless. Brad and Laura took in their family without hesitation. Then, in February of 2007, tornados struck Westwego in the middle of the night causing more devastation to their already fragile home and destroying the trailer in the backyard where Chris had been living since the hurricane. That night, Brad and Chad, both volunteer firefighters, came to the rescue of not just their family, but their neighbors who were trapped in their own trailer. Local heroes to many, Brad and Chad continue to work to rebuild their community that has been devastated by natural disasters, while living on top of each other in a single family home.

Like all of the other builds we took part in on Extreme Makeover, the community played a huge part.  Take a look at some of the pictures and videos below from the Usea family renovation.


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