Should I Remodel My Bathroom Before Selling?

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If you assume that remodeling your bathroom will increase the resale value of your home, you should know that this isn’t always the case. A lot depends on the price of homes in your area and the type of upgrades you implement. Like other major home improvements, bathroom remodels don’t typically recoup all of the money spent on the project. But that doesn’t mean that updates prior to selling are a bad idea. Even small, affordable updates can inspire offers on your home.

Real estate experts recommend that minor problems be addressed first with the understanding that the fixes serve primarily to support the sale of the house. You want to avoid any problems that can cause potential buyers to turn on their heels and walk out the door. Because people generally spend a lot of time in their bathrooms, they tend to notice the room’s shortcomings pretty quickly.

With that in mind, a smart bathroom remodel should involve updating worn-out items, modernizing fixtures, and creating a more functional space. 

Emphasize Appearance

When remodeling in preparation for a sale, keep in mind that the best remodels are those that look good. An unsightly bathroom can be a deal-breaker, so it’s better to invest in fresh paint or new flooring rather than replacing a water heater that works just fine. A new water heater won’t necessarily impress buyers, but it’s hard to argue with appearance.

Replacing the flooring can lend your bathroom a strikingly new appearance. Nowadays, there are several types of attractive porcelain or ceramic tiles on the market. You can also choose vinyl flooring that’s engineered to look like natural wood or stone but is completely waterproof.

Make Countertops a Top Priority

Vanity countertops are often the first features you see when you enter a bathroom. So if you opt for a change that goes well beyond simple fixes, countertops are a good bet. Be aware, however, that vanity tops are a personal choice. You may be perfectly content with the look and feel of laminate tops, but potential buyers may prefer granite or quartz. Besides the countertop, upgrading your vanity can also include new faucets, sinks, and plumbing fixtures as your budget allows.

Let Alure Home Improvements Help

If you’re thinking of investing in a bathroom remodel before putting your home on the market, Alure Home Improvements can help. As Long Island’s premier full-service remodeler, we focus on bathroom remodels that blend style with function. Our teams of talented designers and skilled installers have completed countless bathroom remodels since our founding way back in 1946. For more information about how we can help give your bathroom a breathtaking refresh, contact Alure. Or better yet, visit our expansive showroom in East Meadow, New York, where you can view full-size samples of vanities, tiles, bathroom countertops, faucets, and more.

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