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If you’re considering remodeling or renovating your bathroom, there are a variety of styles that you could go with. However, if you want to create a space that’s sleek, clean and high-end, you may want to try a modern bathroom design. This sharp, contemporary option is perfect for anyone who wants to include gadgets in their master bathroom or create an ultra-new spa feel.

Alure Home Improvements’ bathroom designer Marilou Arcuri explained that there are a few features that you can add to your master bathroom design to make it truly feel modern.

Clean lines 
From architecture to art, modern designs are defined by clean, sharp lines. As Arcuri explained, a modern bathroom design is no different. You’ll want your sink, vanity, shower, shelves and even walls to have sleek lines.

Arcuri explained that one of the most popular ways to give your space that defined look is to use large format tiles that have minimal grout exposed. This will give your walls a more cohesive, modern look rather than a more rustic, traditional design.

Once you decide on a modern theme, work with your designer to customize everything.

Once you decide on a modern theme, work with your designer to customize everything.

In addition to selecting the right kind of tile, you can strive for these clean lines in other areas of your bathroom design. Arcuri mentioned wall-hung minimalist vanities as a key modern design tool. Minimalist lighting fixtures can also add to this look and ambiance.

Spa-like shower 
When you create a modern bathroom, it shouldn’t just look modern, it should have all of the technology too. Arcuri explained that spa features inside a shower are popular, but vary from home to home.

There are plumbing, water pressure and monetary limitations that can affect what types of functions people can install in their homes, Arcuri said. This means that she works with clients on a customized design that fits them and their home. Body sprays and rain shower heads are among the most popular water functions.

Systems that play music and touchless shower features are also very popular and perfectly capture the essence of modern design.

High-tech toilet  
Technology has also become an important part of toilets. Arcuri explained that she’s noticed an upswing in the number of people who want a toilet with specialty features. High-tech toilets that are as comfortable as they are functional are becoming a must for modern bathroom design.

Arcuri pointed to touchless flushing, touchless lids and bidet seats as some of the best modern toilet designs that people are looking for. In addition to toilets, many people are looking for touchless sink faucets.

If you’re considering a new, modern bathroom, talk to a design expert about how to add one to your home.

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