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Not only do many bathroom remodeling projects expand the size of your bathroom to give you more space for getting ready in the morning or cleaning yourself up, but they also create a new atmosphere in your home. A major component of bathroom redesign projects is getting the right surfaces for your new floors, walls, shower and countertop. These are the materials that you’ll look at and feel each morning, so it’s important that they send the message that you want them to and work with how you live. 

Alure Home Improvement’s kitchen and bathroom design expert Patricia Nicolini recently talked about some of the most popular choices that people are turning to when they redo their bathrooms and what impact they can have for you.

Flooring, walls and shower 
With so many choices available for the style, color or material of bathroom surfaces, people frequently go for spa- or Zen-like options to try and make their bathrooms the most comfortable places possible.

“In general, people are really trying to make their bathrooms – with the use of tiles or natural stones – a relaxing retreat,” Nicolini explained in an interview.

Many people use tiles as the main flooring material and inside of custom showers and on portions of the wall. Tile has been a popular bathroom staple for many, many years because of its water-resistant, easy-to-clean look that comes in an array of colors, but Nicolini said that ceramic has fallen out of popularity in favor of porcelain.

“Porcelain tile is used more and more,” she said. “Porcelain tile for the most part is solid color through and through. It’s much harder than ceramic tile, so it holds up against scratches much better. But if it does scratch, it’s a solid color body tile so you don’t see a white or black crack.”

In addition to tile, stone is a popular choice – especially as an accent piece. River rock and sliced stone are particularly popular options, while stone is also frequently used in mosaics along with tile, glass and metal. Many people also use different styles, colors or materials for the surfaces in a bathroom, whereas they used to have everything the same. Nicolini explained that many now have a differently tiled shower or wall as an accent.

The other important surface in a bathroom are the countertops. Whether around the sink or with a vanity, countertops can take a lot of abuse, so it’s important that they’re tough as well as good looking.

“There’s a lot of different surfaces that people can ask for, but the most common right now are granite or quartz,” Nicolini said.

Both quartz and granite are extremely tough and resistant to scratches and stains, although granite requires an annual sealant to be applied. Marble is sometimes used, but Nicolini warned that this porous substance is often too soft and delicate for most use. Laminate, a popular choice for kitchen counters, is rarely used in bathrooms nowadays.

Talking to somebody like Nicolini who can give you insight into the latest bathroom surface trends can be an invaluable tool in designing a bathroom that will be stylish, functional and relaxing.

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