5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Modernize Your Home

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Bathroom renovations in recent years have focused on a sleek, classic design with sophisticated details. Add some stunningly modern finishing touches – such as an accent tile wall, a vessel sink or a reclaimed wood vanity – and you have created an elegant bathroom with a spa-like feel. 

If you are remodeling your bathroom to modernize your home, you don’t only have the opportunity to upgrade your style. You also can upgrade your bathroom’s functionality, durability, and ease of care. Many modern bathroom materials are made to be durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. If you are ready to upgrade your bathroom, here are five of the most popular remodeling trends that will give you a modern look that’s easy to maintain.

Solid Surface Showers

Solid surface shower panels eliminate the cleaning difficulties of most shower materials. There are fewer seams, and the panels are made from non-porous surfaces, so they eliminate mold and mildew growth and dramatically reduce the amount of bacteria in a shower. Solid surface shower panels are made from stain-resistant materials, so your shower will stay looking new for years to come. Panels come in a variety of looks and finishes, with styles that mimic natural stone, tile, and other popular materials. That means you can get the look you want for your bathroom in the form of an easy-to-maintain material.

Spot-free Glass

Walk-in showers, especially those that feature floor-to-ceiling glass doors or partial glass panels, are perhaps the hottest bathroom trend. A glass-enclosed shower instantly modernizes a bathroom and gives it a clean, sleek look. Glass showers also make bathrooms seem larger because the shower space isn’t cut off by bulky shower doors or hard-to-clean shower curtains. Normal tempered glass can be difficult to keep streak free by squeegeeing the glass after every shower, keeping glass shower panels can be a challenge when it comes to long-term resale value. If you are looking to incorporate a glass shower in your new bathroom, consider brands of glass designed specifically for creating low-maintenance showers. There are several brands of glass that are designed specifically for bathroom use to resist water spots, stains, oil buildup and scratches. The glass is treated with a special coating that bonds to the molecules in the glass to create a lasting, sparkling finish. 

Engineered Quartz Countertops

Quartz has become one of the most popular countertop materials in modern homes, and it’s easy to understand why. Quartz bathroom countertops are engineered with 90 to 95 percent quartz particles, which are mixed with resins to make a solid, nonporous countertop. Engineered quartz countertops are an ideal choice for bathrooms because, unlike natural stone countertops, they are won’t stain or harbor bacteria, and they don’t require sealing or any other additional maintenance. They have an edge over other man-made countertops because they aren’t susceptible to moisture or heat damage. Engineered quartz countertops are also beautiful, sleek, and modern: The quartz particles give the countertops dimension and sparkle, and the pigments that can be added during the manufacturing process means that quartz countertops come in countless colors to fit any bathroom design scheme.

Heated Mirrors

If you are regularly frustrated by a foggy mirror when you’re trying to get ready, a heated mirror can solve your bathroom woes. Heated mirrors radiate a gentle warmth that prevents the surface from fogging up in humid bathrooms. In addition, a heated mirror can make your bathroom more comfortable on chilly mornings and give your bathroom a luxurious feel. The best heated mirrors, which stave off fog and don’t exacerbate condensation in the bathroom, feature flat infrared panels. These mirrors sit nearly flush to the bathroom wall, so you won’t notice a significant difference in the appearance of a heated mirror and the appearance of a traditional bathroom mirror. For the same effect without the added heat, add-on electric mirror defoggers are an alternative option. You can also look for a mirror that has been treated with a special coating to prevent fogging.

High-tech Toilets 

Toilets are often the least-thought-of detail in a bathroom remodel, but more and more bathroom remodels are featuring sleek toilet styles that elevate the look of the bathroom and make the area more comfortable, easier to clean and eco-friendly. Floating, wall-mounted toilets are a top toilet trend. The plumbing for these toilets goes entirely through the wall, which means there are fewer nooks and crannies to clean, and the floor underneath can be easy to sweep or mop. Toilets also can be found with heated seats, attached bidets, and stain-free coatings. At the very least, homeowners should search for a toilet that minimizes water use for a more modern, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective bathroom.

An updated bathroom can instantly make your home feel more modern. It has the added potential to increase your resale value if you’re thinking of selling. By wisely choosing modern materials and fixtures that make your bathroom more functional, easier to maintain and more durable, you will be able to relax in your new bathroom for years to come.

About The Author: Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Construction and Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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