5 Exterior Home Projects to Tackle During Quarantine

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With restrictions to shelter in place and many businesses shut down, we all suddenly have a lot more time on our hands. While you may have spent the first few weeks of quarantine eating junk food and binge-watching Netflix, why not use some extra hours to beautify the outside of your house? 

From planting some greenery to adding a new deck, you can improve your property and make it a more inviting place for the whole family. 

1. Try Painting or Residing Your Home 

You don’t necessarily have to hire professionals to repaint the outside of your home, though you’ll want to be careful proceeding on your own. Before you start, you’ll need to collect some materials, including a scraper, sandpaper, sprayer, brushes and drop cloths. Pick an exterior paint in a color that appeals to you, whether it’s Cyprus green, lighthouse red or eggshell white.    

Another option is to reside your house’s exterior. You can find plenty of materials to give your property a unique look, such as:

  • Vinyl
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Aluminum
  • Fiber cement
  • Synthetic stone
  • Board and batten
  • Engineered wood 

2. Beautify Your Home’s Landscaping

When you pull into your driveway, what do you see? Is it weedy flower beds, dead patches of grass and overgrown bushes? If so, use some of your free time to focus on your home’s landscaping. Start with hardscaping projects first — such as fixing the cracks in your sidewalk and replacing the falling-down fence.  

Next, consider the greenery. Add low-growing plants and flowers near the foundation of your house. Farther out, you can work in small trees and rounded shrubs. Add grass seed to patches in your yard that look sparse. If you want a garden for growing fruits and veggies, pick a spot that gets lots of morning sun.

3. Power Wash Away the Dirt and Grime 

Think of all the grime that shows up on your car from exposure to the elements. Your house is no different, though you don’t drive it back and forth to work every day. With a power washer, you can blast away filth and take 10 years off your home’s appearance. 

You’ll find several types of power washers available to rent at your local home improvement store. Look for a model that works with hot water, as it’ll get rid of dirt and mud better than cold-water ones. If you have challenging stains to remove, get a washer with a pounds-per-square-inch (PSI) output of more than 2,800 and a gallons-per-minute (GPM) rate of 3 to 4.

4. Consider a Front or Rear Deck Addition 

A deck can add a lot of value to your home. Not only will it increase the asking price for your property if you decide to sell, but it will also act as a relaxing space where you and your family can spend time. If you’re handy with a hammer, this exterior project will take less than a week to complete.

You have several options when it comes to your deck’s style. A multi-tier one, for instance, offers different levels connected by steps or paths. This style works best for properties with steep terrain, slopes or rocky landscaping. You can also build an attached or detached deck, both of which are slightly raised, with the former connected directly to the house and the latter elsewhere in your yard.

5. Create a Backyard Entertainment Area

Do you wish you had an outdoor space where you could entertain guests, cook a meal or cozy up by the fire? If so, now’s the time to make your dream a reality. Use pavers to create a designated patio area, and add a sun-blocking structure like a gazebo or pergola. You can also hang up fairy lights for ambiance.

Break out the grill and make the area a designated burger-cooking spot. You can also install a fire pit so the kids can make s’mores. Be sure to look up your city codes beforehand, though, as most municipalities require it to be at least 10 feet away from any structure.

Improve Your Home With These Exterior Projects

Are you tired of quarantine? While you might not be able to go out to eat or hang with your friends quite yet, you can get outside and beautify your home. With these five projects, you’ll spruce up your property and become the envy of the neighborhood.

About The Author: Holly Welles is a home & garden writer. She shares more advice on creating beauty in your home on her own blog, The Estate Update, and on Twitter.
Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

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