5 Fireproofing Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

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Housefires are terrifying events, but what’s even more frightening is the damage they can leave behind. Not to mention the fatalities it can cause. 

Unfortunately, fires are a pretty common occurrence, especially if you’re not careful. According to the USFA, around 376,000 fires have been reported in the past years, and approximately half were accidental fires. Most of these fires happened due to kitchen accidents, heating, electrical malfunction, and plain carelessness.

Accidents aren’t predictable, and sometimes we make mistakes. Due to this, it can be difficult to prevent an accident from happening. Fires, no matter the size, can cause significant damage, and preventing them is the key to keeping your home and your family safe and sound. 

Cleaning up after a fire can be extensive and can take up a lot of work. You would need to hire professional cleaners and a fire damage restoration company, which can cost a lot. So, it’s always better to focus on prevention rather than the aftermath. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss five tips for fireproofing your home. Although it won’t guarantee full protection from fires, it will lessen the damage. 

Inspect your electronics

Electronic appliances can break down over time and become outdated. They usually start malfunctioning, and their safety features might stop working because of this. 

Although malfunctioning appliances might seem harmless, they can become one of the most dangerous sources of fires. So, keep an eye out for malfunctioning appliances and get them checked if you start noticing anything strange. 

If you think your appliance isn’t working correctly, it might be time to get it checked by a professional or replaced. If you’re in doubt and cannot get them checked out, keep them unplugged and away from flammable materials and moisture until then. 

Keep an eye on flammable materials.

Flammable materials such as oil or chemicals can cause house fires if left unattended or stored in the wrong places. You should keep these items in cool and dry areas, away from the heat, and a separate container. 

You should also get rid of your trash properly. Keeping your garbage in humid areas without ventilation, such as the basement, can potentially cause fires since trash is an ideal fuel source.

So next time you spot any oily rags or chemicals in your home, make sure that they are stored in the right place.

Install smoke detectors and sprinkler systems

During a fire, every second is crucial. By the time smoke reaches your room, it might be too late for you to escape. Smoke and fire alarms will buy you extra time to escape from a house fire. 

Smoke from a fire can be deadly than the fire itself. Inhaling smoke can cause a lot of adverse effects for anyone. It will also prevent you from seeing anything. Smoke also spreads a lot faster than fire.

Since fires can happen anytime, early detection is critical to help you and your loved ones escape. Also, detecting a fire early on can reduce significant damage since it will give firefighters time to extinguish the flames.

By installing a smoke alarm and sprinkler system in your home, you can reduce the chances of irreparable damage and buy extra time to escape in case the fire gets worse. 

Upgrade your electric panel

We’ve mentioned that some house fires can happen because of electrical fires, proving that electric panel maintenance is essential. Electrical fires are also one of the most dangerous fires since they spread quickly, and you can’t extinguish them with water since it can make them worse. 

The key to preventing electrical fires is easier said than done. You need to take care of your electric panel. So, make time to inspect your electric panel for any faulty wiring issues or damages. Unless you’re well-versed in electric panels and electricity in a home, you should get a professional electrician who can help you figure out whether or not you need to upgrade your electric panel. 

Use Fireproof Paint

You might not know that fireproof paint exists. The best thing about it is its affordable price. It’s a great and inexpensive way to make your home a bit safer. Fireproof paint acts as a glaze and provides an additional layer of protection between the fire and any material. 

Most fireproof paints have a 1-2 hour protection guarantee and give you enough time to escape your home during a fire. 

Wrapping Up

Fires can destroy a home instantaneously. They’re unpredictable and often cause severe damage. It’s impossible to predict when a fire is about to happen, but taking protective measures can help reduce the damage and possibly extinguish them early on.

Fireproofing your home shouldn’t be an option— it should be mandatory to help make your home a safer place for you and your family. Having a proper fire sprinkler system, installing smoke detectors, storing flammable items correctly, coating your walls with fireproof paint, and keeping your electric panel in tip-top shape will surely be enough to keep your home safe from dangerous fires.

About The Author: Diana R. is the business community manager at Basement Guides, a perfect place for all basement-related problems and projects. She helps spread the word about helpful and updated guides for anyone interested in basements and restoration.

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