What to look for when buying replacement windows

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Whether you’re looking for a new set of windows to let in the sunlight this summer or you want to get a jump on weatherproofing to keep that heating bill down next winter, this can be a great time of the year to install replacement windows. When you’re replacing windows, there are so many options to consider. With the shape, color and design, homeowners can have a fun time deciding how to incorporate new windows into their interior design scheme.

In addition to looking for a stylish set of windows, homeowners also need to think about the functionality of what they choose. With a variety of options to think about, it can be hard to select and buy new windows. Here are a few tips to help a homeowner move from staring at an image of a new to window to looking through its glass.

Talk to your contractor Rather than starting by picking out your window’s design, glass and efficiency, look for a contractor. Talking to a company that’s practiced in installing window replacements, like Alure Home Improvements, can really help the homeowner narrow down some options. Contractors have a better knowledge of what’s popular, what works in awkward spaces and, frequently, how to get you something that’s cost-effective. Consumer Reports magazine suggested that homeowners use a contractor to purchase the window rather than just install it to avoid issues.

Get the best in energy efficiency Windows should fit the climate for which they’re installed. The most beautiful may not necessarily be the smartest choice. As the National Association of Realtors explained, people in the southern United States, where the climate is warmer, have far less to think about than those in the Northeast. There are significant temperature differences to consider when purchasing a window in the New York area. You need to keep the heat in during the winter and keep the air conditioning inside during the summer. Double-pane windows are popular for this climate and can help Northeasterners cope with this unique climate

Although energy-efficient windows may be pricier at the outset, as House Logic pointed out, the most expensive may not mean the best. Stick to using objective energy measurements, like those from Energy Star.

Don’t settle for the wrong style Function and price play a major role in the decision of which windows to buy, but style and design may end up being the biggest factor since you’ll be looking at them every day. People often choose a design or frame that isn’t exactly what they wanted to save money and then end up regretting it. If a homeowner is considering window replacement, it’s the best time to finally make that switch for the perfect window. If it’s part of a major redesign, there are many more nontraditional window types to consider, like transoms and dormers for odd-shaped spaces, Better Homes and Gardens magazine advised. Talking to your contractor may help shed some light on what will work best.

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