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Don’t just see the difference, FEEL the difference with UltraShield! UltraShield is Alure’s state of the art home exterior siding and insulation system that features high density foam and tongue and groove edges for increased R value, which means more insulation for your home and energy savings for your wallet. Alure’s UltraShield premium siding captures the deep, luxurious shadow lines of natural wood siding and features two magnificent surface textures natural oak grain or subtle matte finish available in a wide variety of architectural colors. Our advanced design helps eliminate wavy lines, uneven walls, and produces superior finished quality that lasts. This innovative 11-step siding and insulation system is designed to stand up to the harshest weather conditions and offers high thermal performance, while also discouraging mold and mildew growth. UltraShield’s patented tongue and groove insulation system, along with specially designed lifelong insulation tape on every seam and edge of the UltraShield insulation, create a tight seal that protects your home from any air infiltration, helping you to save money with reduced energy bills for years to come.
UltraShield Underlayment Insulation System UltraShield Insulation Underlayment is manufactured with high-density polystyrene encased in durable, perforated plastic facer. It can stand up to the harshest weather conditions and offers high thermal performance. UltraShield also features a patented tongue and groove system to create a tight seal and prevent air infiltration. It doesn’t stop there to further ensure underlayment durability and energy-efficiency our installation team will use insulation tape to cover every seam. Sealing the house envelope with UltraShield Insulation Underlayment reduces air infiltration and provides and integrated layer of insulation. In fact, UltraShield provides a system R-Value of 4.16, and can provide savings of 20% on heating and cooling costs while increasing the comfort of your home. It plays an important role in sealing your home’s envelope. UltraShield blocks the wood-to-wood thermal transfer point of outside temperatures. You’ll feel the comfort and enjoy the savings from insulating this common area of thermal transfer. The perforated plastic facers featured on the UltraShield Underlayment allow your home to breathe by providing important water vapor permeability. This minimizes the risk of harmful inner wall condensation that can lead to mold formation and dry rot. Many other rigid insulation products do not provide adequate vapor permeability and lead to an environment that will sustain mold and/or result in moisture damage. To request more information or get started today with your Free No obligation Design Consultation, call 877-44-ALURE – (877-442-5873) or visit our contact page!

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