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Whether you’re tired of looking through old panes that are fogged on the inside or you’re sick of paying for heat and air conditioning that you’re losing through inefficient weather stripping, replacement windows can carry a number of advantages for homeowners. You can install new windows as part of a kitchen remodeling or larger renovation project, or just on their own as a way to refresh your home both inside and out.

Alure Home Improvements’ exterior design expert Vinnie Maddaloni discussed some of the benefits that installing new windows can have for people considering upgrading their homes. 

Improved energy efficiency 
During the coldest days of the winter or high heat of the summer, HVAC systems have to work particularly hard to keep homes at comfortable temperatures. But this can lead to exorbitant bills for oil, electricity or other fuels. When people are looking for ways to cut these costs, they may want to look at their windows.

“The windows of today will save you as much as 20 percent on energy loss from the house,” Maddaloni said in an interview. “That’s huge!”

This improvement of energy retention can directly translate to cost savings for homeowners, he explained. Newer windows are made with insulation in mind. The windows are made with glass glazes of silver oxide and other chemicals that actually help reflect heat back into the home, while dual-pane glass helps separate indoor and outdoor temperatures with argon or krypton gas. These inert gases are nontoxic and prevent the normal transfer of heat through convection. This allows homeowners the benefit of a view with the advantages of a more insulated structure.

In addition to the glass of replacement windows, triple weather stripping, foam-filled frames and proper installation can also improve a home’s energy efficiency.

Better value for your home 
New windows don’t just help cut utility costs. Maddaloni explained that they can also improve the value of a home. Whether or not homeowners are planning to sell any time soon, installing modern replacement windows can add aesthetic and practical benefits that can help sell a house. People will be attracted to the insulation qualities as well as the fact that these windows will last for years without maintenance.

Windows have the unique ability to improve curb appeal as well as interior design. Homeowners may enjoy adding a design element such as Queen Anne, prairie style or classic grid to improve their home’s appeal. Others may use the installation of new windows as an opportunity to expand the number of windows in a room. This can help turn a dark, unused space into a bright, functional room that prospective buyers would love.

More enjoyment for the homeowner 
Replacement windows can also improve the quality of homeowners’ lives and their experience with their home. Windows can enhance the look of a room, the way people view their house and the design options available to them. Double-hung, fusion-welded windows also have functional benefits that make tasks such as cleaning the windows or using them over time simpler.

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