5 Impactful Exterior Projects for Your Home – Get Big Results

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As a homeowner, it’s very common for you to have a never-ending list of projects and updates for the interior and exterior of the list. These tend to differ in urgency and scope, which helps you to prioritize those that need to get done sooner rather than later. But how about those projects that are meant to improve the look of your home, and really focus on the aesthetics? Although they may not seem as urgent, they can be equally important and play into how happy you are with your house.

Let’s take a look at five exterior home projects that are big and impactful. It’s the old, “go big or go home” belief with these projects.

Build a Patio or Deck

One of the best ways to make use of your exterior is to create a comfortable area for seating and entertaining. A patio or deck can be the perfect solution for your home and can be built in the front or back of your house – depending on the space you have and your own personal tastes. If you’re the type that likes a bit of privacy, then it will probably make more sense to build a patio or deck in the backyard where you can take advantage of things like privacy fencing and greenery.

Fix Your Asphalt Driveway

If you have an asphalt driveway, you know better than anyone what age, climate, and general wear and tear can do to it over the years. It can start to fade in color, cracks and potholes may appear, and it can even shift so that you’ve got bumps and dips in the once flat driveway. There are different ways to go about fixing the driveway, but it comes down to how extensive the damage is, your budget, and whether you want a quick temporary fix or something that is long-lasting. There are many asphalt repair benefits that go deeper than just how they driveway will look.

Install New Windows

This is a very big job that will require professionals to come in and remove the existing windows, and then install the new ones. The finished look will be modern and fresh looking and can literally transform the entire appearance of the house. It’s also important to point out that it will help where energy efficiency is concerned.

Time for a New Roof

Is it time for a new roof? Again, this is a huge project that offers maximum impact. Rather than picking the same color roofing as you have now, why not step outside the box and try something new? The color you choose will highlight different features and aspects of your house and the landscaping that surrounds it.

Cut Back Overgrown Trees and Bushes

Then we have a project that won’t cost you any money at all, but will freshen up the look of the exterior. By cutting back overgrown bushes and trees, the house will be more visible, the exterior will look cared for, and you’ll get more sunlight indoors.


No matter which of these projects you choose, you can bet on huge and impactful results.

About The Author: Justin Jersey is a journalist, stylist and blogger. He is an aesthetician by heart who often writes about Art, Fashion, decorating and DIY ideas. He loves sparking creativity and giving them ideas for their own spaces.  Follow him on Twitter or Pinterest.

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