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No matter where you live, Solace® Windows can provide a high performing insulated glass system that will help to save you money heating and cooling your home.

Some window brands utilize single layer Low-E coating structures. Solace® Windows insulated glass systems incorporate multiple layers of heat reflective metallic coatings into our panes of glass. It’s one more advantage that Solace® Windows has over our competitors.

Solace® 366 Glass System
The Solace® 366 Glass System is a dual glazed insulated glass unit featuring Solace® 366 glass, which consists of twelve layers of high performance reflective metallic shields, the XLEdgeâ„¢ spacer system, and an air space filled with high density Argon gas.


Solace® KR90 Glass System
The Solace® KR90 Glass System is a triple glazed insulated glass unit made up of two panes of Solace® 366 glass, a third pane of sound absorbing glass and the XLEdgeâ„¢ spacer system. Both air spaces are then filled with Argon or Krypton gas.

Performance Between the Panes

Warm-Edge Technology
XLEdge Stainless Steel Spacer dramatically reduces the risk of condensation on windows by conducting significantly less cold than aluminum, metal, and other thermoplastic spacer system

Primary Polyisobutylene Seal
Primary Polyisobutylene (PIB) Seal barrier, the first layer of our dual-seal system, prevents moisture from penetrating the insulated glass unit, and also retains argon or krypton gas in the airspace.

Secondary Silicone Seal
Secondary Silicone barrier, the second layer of our dual-seal system, creates a weatherable, structural bond that adheres the glass to the spacer, and retains its strength during expansion and contraction cycles

Dessicant Moisture Absorber
By filling all four sides of the XLEdge Stainless Steel Spacer frame with beads of desiccant, an additional layer of vapor protection is provided to further protect the window against moisture getting between the panes.

Our Glass is Neat

Neat Self-Cleaning Glass, an option on Solace® Window Systems, is a permanent titanium dioxide layer that is part of the outer glass surface. After installation, the Sun’s ultraviolet rays break down dirt and debris on the glass, which rain will then wash away. Best of all there’s no spotting or streaking, and it’s powered by nature.

Neat and XLEdge are trademarks of Cardinal CG Corporation.

Solace® Windows are available with the following grid styles:

  • Brass Pencil
  • White Contour
  • Provincial Oak Contour
  • Golden Oak Contour
  • Colonial Cherry Contour
  • White Standard Colonial

Simulated Divided Lites
Add a classic touch to your new windows with simulated divided lites. You can have all the advantages of premium-performing windows with thermally-efficient insulating glass, plus the timeless beauty of grids on both the interior and exterior panes of glass. The spacer bar between the glass shadows the pattern of the grid to add to the architectural authenticity.

Glass styles…
Add an elegant statement to your home by including one of our beautiful beveled glass styles or handcrafted leaded glass designs. From contemporary to traditional, these wonderfully arranged designs are sure to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Designer Glass
The Solace® Windows leaded glass collection includes 12 distinct glass styles and 10 vibrant colors to create your own custom window for your favorite room.

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