7 Futuristic Home Design Ideas For 2021

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Futuristic home design is one of the most eye-catching concepts for those who want to set their homes apart. It combines the trends with the functionalities for comfortable living. The focus is on geometric, minimalist designs that use innovative materials to meet the climate change-related challenges of the future. Designing a futuristic home is also a very engaging activity.

If you’re remodeling your home, we have compiled a list of some phenomenal futuristic homes. Read on to learn more about these remarkable projects. From tree houses to bungalows, these artistic home designs will inspire you in many ways. 

  1. Dupli Casa

This incredible masterpiece is situated in Ludwigsburg, Germany, and is built by J. Mayer H. architects. After various extensions and modifications, the new building constructed over the previous one, looks spectacular, as the design shows the family archaeology by rotation and duplication. The detailed comb-like landscaping and lodges blend with the structure while underlining the design and fading the lines between geometry and luxury. It demonstrates how modern architecture adapts to the environment. 

  1. Dolomitenblick

Inspired by the local farmhouses in the area, the architects of the Plasma Studio came up with the idea of Dolomitenblick. It is a three-story building that contains six apartments or holiday homes. They have used larch to cover the walls behind the jagged copper balconies, as well as walls and floors inside each apartment. The architects focused on designing the copper balconies to capture the essence of the natural topography.  

  1. Shell House

The Shell house sits in the Nagano prefecture of the Karuizawa district of Japan. It is a shell-like structure that has been crafted in the woods of Japan. The architect, Kotaro Ide, used reinforced concrete in the construction of two elliptical shells to represent a conch. This house is meant to be a holiday home, to cope with the cold winters and humid summers of the district. The house reflects traditional Japanese structure and creates a balance between an aesthetic futuristic home and the environment. 

  1. Tree-ness House

The design of this building is inspired by a tree, and so it led the architect to name it the Tree-ness house. The building is designed for a multi-generational family, also having gallery spaces and offices. The ground floor of the building contains a parking area and offices in the front. It is situated in Tokyo and features a jumbled composition of concrete blocks, small balconies, and gardens.  The majority of interiors in the building features concrete floors, walls, and ceilings, but in some areas, the architect has used wood and leather to keep the texture warmer. If you live in a cold region, you can follow this idea of using leather and woods to keep the space warmer. 

  1. Monolithic Dome Homes

The world’s first modern monolithic dome structure was built in Utah and opened to the public as an ice skating range in 1963. Today, these dome homes are all around the world, from the arctic to the tropics. They are resistant to major earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes. These dome structures are used for homes, schools, churches, safe rooms, and more. Additionally, monolithic homeowners report more than 50 percent energy savings over regular structures. Due to their unique shape, the light entering the house refracts and stays inside. This phenomenon reduces the need for artificial lights in the house and helps the environment to heal. To make it more eco-friendly, xeriscaping has been introduced in one of its recent models. It is a process of designing a garden containing various plants that can be maintained with little or no watering.

  1. Staab Residence

The Staab residence, designed for the Staab family by a local firm Chen + Suchart Studio, is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a sleek desert home, it looks like a space command center. The 3000 sq. foot residence’s exterior is made up of coated glass and stainless steel, so the color of its walls changes with the shifting sky. You can follow this idea to give a quirky look to your house’s exteriors.

  1. Wave House

Wave House is a new generation log structure built by Polar Life Haus and designed by a Finnish architect Seppo Mäntylä. The unique design of this house is inspired by airplanes and boats. The wave has been constructed by a combination of solid wood, glass, and steel. If you use this combination to construct your house, it will give a solid effect.

The Bottom Line

These new-age futuristic home designs are amazing, but it would require a lot of depth and thorough analysis to make a blueprint for one. Besides the exteriors, it is also necessary to look after the interiors to maintain the durability of the structure as well as the household devices. 


After spending a hefty amount of money on your futuristic home, you would not want to spend extra when your household items break. A home warranty policy might help you in this situation. It is a discounted replacement and repair plan, which provides professional help at a nominal cost. So, start investing in a home warranty plan today to live peacefully and securely in your dreamy home. 


About The Author: Victoria Baeker is the Sr. Editor at HomeWarrantyReviews.com. She enjoys finding ways to minimize her living costs and is a craft-enthusiast. While she specializes in finance and insurance, she also likes to write long rants about books and movies. The COVID pandemic deprived her of her usual thrill-seeking hobbies, so she turned to day-trading for that adrenaline rush. 
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

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