Tips for Savvy Customers: Listen Closely to Your Remodelers’ Presentation

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In my business, it’s our goal to help customers get what they want. Thus, in order to help our consultants plan successful remodeling projects, we train them weekly on the basics and advanced methods of a professional presentation.  An integral part of the presentation is a detailed description of the products and services we offer. We look to educate our customers and deliver value to help them make the best decision for their home.

I review the appointments afterwards and am surprised when I hear a potential customer either tried to rush us through it or worse – refused to see/hear a presentation.  Why is this point so important?

What Makes Great Customer Service?

Take the following example: I was out with a group for dinner a few years ago and the waitress was amazing! She discussed the menu and educated us all on what was offered and further what would complement each choice down to the wine!

Her presentation took more than 10 minutes and that led to another 5 minutes of Q & A. In the end each course was fantastic and down to the after dinner drinks and cigar was seamless in delivery and more importantly taste. The group I was with was to a man thoroughly blown away by the evening. I have discussed this evening over the years and when I am asked for a recommendation on where to go for a great steak meal I say Del Frisco’s! The food and service are exceptional.

The result of such an elaborate description of each and every item led to the fulfillment of every expectation.

If You’re Paying Top Dollar, You Deserve to Know Why

Where does remodeling come into this equation? A well thought out construction plan is born in the details of a professional presentation. If someone just says “we got the best window! You really deserve to know why that window cost $1000.00 or $189.00. You would find out why if your designer did their job.

As a customer, if I hear and see all the reasons why the window is amazing then I am willing to invest accordingly. I need it done with an explanation that I can understand and visualize exactly how this will best perform in my house! All products are NOT created equal. All companies that make those windows are not created equal. All contractors installing those windows are not created equal. All warranties that cover the entire scope of work are not created equal.

I do not mind paying for the difference – you just gotta show and explain WHY the difference matters to me.

Go on….present it to me! I want to know where my money is going and why it is going with YOU! Educate me and show me the value, take the time to understand that it is an investment not only in my home but in my time. Give me the details give me the presentation so I can refer you to my friends.

In ten years I want to be able to tell you why my windows were the best!

What do you think? As customers, do you tend to rush through presentations or do you feel that you get value from them?


Mike Kuplicki is the Director of Sales for Alure Basements and Sunrooms and has been in the Remodeling field since 1975. Read more of Mike’s remodeling stories here.

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