Smart Ideas on Remodeling Your Airbnb Home to Make it More Appealing for Travelers to Stay

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Gone are the days of motels and hotels. With the recent Airbnb app, private homeowners can cater to guests in their own cozy homes. The trick, however, is how to entice travelers to book with you rather than in hotels? Money aside, the aesthetics of your house is a big factor that travelers consider. That is why wonderful photos of the room and other house amenities are required to attract bookings. But, of course, you cannot get wonderful photos if you don’t have a neat and cool space to begin with.

Tips to Remodel Airbnb Home to Increase Bookings

Improve the Basement

The basement makes or breaks the home. A lot of people renovate the basement to turn it into an amazing space. From extra rooms to gyms to an ensuite, you name it! Improving your basement to personal space for travelers will help increase your chances of getting more bookings. After all, it is the only space in the house that can stand on its own, especially when you add a small kitchen and bathroom to it.

Pick a Theme

When working on a budget, you save more money if you know what you want and how to achieve it. Whether you opt for minimalism or contemporary designs, picking a theme will help narrow down your choices and help you decorate your home cohesively. Additionally, a theme can target a specific audience. For example, if you are a Star Wars fanatic, make use of your Star Wars items to create a Star Wars room! It will definitely charm your fellow Star Wars enthusiasts!

Make Small Updates

Small design ideas are vital for the success of an Airbnb home. You do not need to always splurge for home changes. Small updates like adding a rug instead of carpeting the whole floor make a good start. Also, changing your wall decorations to better-looking ones will make your entire home pleasant.

Provide Comfort in Cold and Heat

Airbnb bookings come all year round regardless of the season (and the pandemic aside.) So from summer heat to cold winter months, you need to be prepared to tackle the change in weather. Thus, it is important that you have a working heater and air conditioner. Knowing how to maintain this equipment is also an added bonus. You can save a lot if you personally know how to clean your air conditioning unit or repair a broken heater. That way, you do not need to contact a professional to do these things for you. Instead of paying a service fee for something you can do on your own, you can divert the funds to other things such as upgrading your appliances.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Appliances can be expensive to buy. However, they are also great investments, especially when you are in the tourism industry. Since your guests come from different parts of the globe, you are expected to be a welcoming and hospitable host. Upgrading your appliances will not only add comfort to their needs, but will also ensure high-quality performance that can withstand the ever-changing people who will use these devices during their respective stays.

Refine the Entryway

The entryway plays a crucial role in attracting guests. For you to receive rave reviews from travelers, you need to make them feel at home as much as you can. The entryway is the first thing guests see as they enter your house. Hence, you need to make a strong first impression. Whatever first impression your guests have as they enter your abode can affect their final evaluation of your home. So make sure to de-clutter the space and provide a clean and neat entryway.

Provide Parking Space

Many travelers have cars to drive around the city. To attract more potential bookings, you need to provide a parking space. For people with houses, you can easily offer your driveway or garage. But if you do not have that space, you can still provide additional service to your guests by helping them book parking with discount.

Enhance the Bathroom

The bathroom may not be a place where your guests will stay most of the time, but it still holds great value. After a day full of a busy schedule and long travels, some guests will retire in a tub of relaxing water and bubbles. Your bathroom aesthetics need to provide a soothing and calming atmosphere. The most important thing of all, however, is the cleanliness of the bathroom. Make sure that the bathroom is sparkly clean to convey how much you prioritize sanitation within your household.

Make the Bedroom Cozier

You do not need to overhaul the bedroom to make it a cozy place to snooze. You can add several decorations such as plush pillows and soft rugs that evoke a refreshing feel. You may also add a diffuser with a nice essential oil to help your guests unwind and loosen up after a day of activities. Re-arranging your furniture to make the room more spacious and airy also does the trick. Remember, a cozy room means a happy guest.

Complete the Kitchen

Most guests don’t even use the kitchen amenities since they prefer eating out to try local cuisines. However, providing a complete kitchen with the right appliances from a coffee maker to a microwave among others is still a must for every Airbnb host. A complete kitchen allows your guests to feel more at home in your home. This will help increase their comfort level and also increase your chances of getting great reviews for the complete amenities you provide.


Being an Airbnb host may be daunting for some. The entire process is trial and error. What works well for one host may not work well for the other. But if there’s one ingredient to a successful recipe, it is the guests’ satisfaction. Strive hard to keep these welcome strangers feel welcome by doing simple renovations and remodeling to your home.

About The Author: Ann Marie Bantigue is a freelance writer for various industries and niches. Her willingness to promote productivity at home, along with her writing experience, led her to develop a love for interior design. She’s also a regular contributor at Decoist, a web magazine for furniture, decoration and architecture ideas.
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