Making the Most of Mother’s Day During Stay-at-Home Mandates

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Unfortunately for many families, Mother’s Day this year is set to fall during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the occasion quickly approaching, you may be scrambling for ideas on how to make the day special with so many restrictions in place.

Granted, this year’s Mother’s Day celebration might not consist of a festive brunch at her favorite eatery, but you can still have a memorable celebration despite the unusual circumstances.

Whether mom is near or far, socially distanced or not, you can come up with some unique ways to commemorate the occasion.

For families that are far apart

Whether you live in different parts of the world or you simply can’t see each other due to social distancing guidelines, you can still feel connected to mom on this day.

  • Surprise her at home: Maybe you need to be six feet apart, but that doesn’t stop you from dropping off baked goods at her doorstep or releasing balloons outside of her house. Why not take it even a step further? Decorate her front yard with garlands and Happy Mother’s Day signs. Show her (and the neighborhood) how much you care by bringing the celebration to her… without actually bringing it to her.
  • Plan a surprise Zoom call: Get all members of your family, near and far, together on a surprise webcam visit. Perhaps tell mom you want a one-on-one chat, and then let her face fill with glee as she sees all her loved ones virtually gathering to honor her.
  • Mother’s Day dinner (to-go): Know your mom’s favorite restaurant in her area? Just because you can’t splurge by taking her out to a fancy dinner, doesn’t mean you can’t bring the fancy dinner to her. Use an online ordering app to send her favorite meal to her doorstep. It saves her time in the kitchen, while also helping her feel connected to you. Take it a step further by ordering in yourself, and scheduling a webcam dinner date so it feels like you’re dining together.
  • Social media tribute: Maybe you can’t deliver a Hallmark card, but you can do her one better. Put together a tribute to her on Facebook or Instagram, compiling photos you have together, asking siblings/relatives to send their own contributions, and composing one big post about how much you treasure her. What’s more, Facebook will now remind her of this sentiment on a yearly basis, and she can always look back on it fondly.

As disheartening as it may be to miss your mother this weekend, take comfort from the fact that there are still plenty of things you can do to celebrate from a distance. Make this Mother’s Day the most exciting one ever!

For families that are home together

It seems that, at this point, it’s nearly impossible to continue coming up with new and unique ways to entertain the household. You’ve probably tried the sourdough starter, dabbled in gardening, cooked more than you have over the past decade, and maybe even tried to convert your dining room into your favorite restaurant.

When it comes to an at-home Mother’s Day celebration, sometimes simpler is better, and transforming your home into a beloved home-away-from-home might just be the solution:

  • Domestic spa day: The local day spa may be closed but, chances are, you already have all the fixings to create a day of leisure and pampering for mom. You can craft a DIY face mask using ingredients in your pantry (looking at you avocado, brown sugar, and honey lovers). Top it off by slicing up some cucumbers, lighting a candle, and encouraging mom to take a self-care moment for herself.
  • Family game night: The whole house is your Las Vegas casino. Tell everyone to get decked out in their best threads, mix up some top-notch cocktails, throw on some high-spirited jazz music, and break out the cards (or Monopoly — it’s your prerogative).
  • At-home movie theater: All it takes is a batch of freshly buttered popcorn and her favorite Netflix film cued up on the TV to give her the movie theater experience. Well, maybe not entirely. In a way, it can be even better! Promise mom a screening of her favorite flicks while creating a comfy viewing area complete with beverages, snacks, blankets, and comfy cushions. She’ll appreciate the quality time with you, the consideration of selecting her favorite films, and the feeling of a normal activity during these anything-but-normal times.

The Mother’s Day possibilities are endless. However, with so many retail stores, florists, and restaurants closed, you’re faced with new opportunities to get creative and get to know mom a little better. Rather than wallowing in the loss of routine, take advantage of the newfound free time this year to make it more memorable than ever before.

About The Author: Megan Glenn is a freelance writer with extensive expertise in a plethora of subjects, including: home decor, business, lifestyle, and more. She’s been writing professionally for over a decade, and has had the pleasure of working with incredible publishers over the years including Discount Two Way Radio. She believes in telling a story, not just finding information. And finding a story amongst the most mundane, is her favorite. She has spent years writing for industrial giants and groundbreaking fashion brands alike. When she’s not spending her time researching, writing, and making connections, you can find her on the yoga mat, in her favorite reading nook, or among family.
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