Interior Design Ideas For Your Condo

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Condos are a great investment property for areas that are short on space and they are a more affordable option for many who can’t afford the pricey properties. So if you find yourself in this type of property, here are a few interior design ideas for your condo.

Plan For The Space

Whether you’re downsizing your property or moving into your first place together, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Ask yourself if a condo is the right move for you, and this page says it all when it comes to making a decision. If you’re downsizing then you need to think about the current furniture you have in your home and how you’re going to adapt it to your new, smaller space. If the kitchen space is limited, stick the priority appliances on top and store away any other appliances that you use rarely in the cabinets. It might be a good idea to do a purge of your belongings first before moving into the condo.

If this is your first property on the market, then you’ll need to ensure you don’t go too overboard with what you buy. Remember the space that you have to work with and how you’re going to fit everything in by making use of every single bit of the condo.

Position Art In The Right Way

Having art on the walls is a great way to add a splash of color but it can also impact the small space of a condo if the art that’s picked is big enough and is positioned in the right way. Go for larger scale art and hang it more towards the ceiling than lower down to help draw the eye up. You could also position posts vertically to have the same effect. When placing art on the wall, you may want to lay it flat with a slightly thick frame so that it doesn’t feel too imposing on the space.

Storage Is Key

For a condo, space is limited and therefore from an interior design point of view, you want to make sure that you are utilizing what space you do have and that can be helped with the type of furniture you buy for the property. Beds with under storage and sofas that extend out into beds can help give you that feeling of being in a bigger space than it actually is. Take advantage of the walls by adding floating shelves and that way you keep all of the mess off the floor so that’s tidier and feels more organized. Everything should have a home, so always factor this in when it comes to buying storage for the condo. 

Use Smoke And Mirrors As An Illusion

When it comes to tight spaces, it can often feel quite claustrophobic and that can feel very off putting to us humans. So use the illusion of mirrors to make a room feel bigger. Mirrors are great to put around the home to reflect light but to also give the appearance of a bigger space. Small bathrooms can benefit from floor to ceiling mirrors and mirrors placed along a wall can make the room look bigger than it actually is. The same can be done with paint, where certain colors can make a room feel a lot more spacious than it actually is. White is a typical color that is used because not only is it a clean color but it also blends each wall into the other. And if you paint your ceilings white or with a light colored carpet or flooring, this can also aid the illusion.

Take Advantage Of Natural Light

If your property has plenty of windows, then it’s likely to catch a lot of natural light and the more you can get in there, the better. Natural light is a great way of boosting your mood but also making the space feel bigger than it actually is. So keep any bulky objects away from the windows and try to avoid hanging heavy curtains or blinds over the windows that obstructs it. If you don’t have enough natural light, then you can get lighting that can mimic natural light and that’s definitely something worth getting, regardless of the type of property you have. 


Designing your condo is something that takes a bit more thought because they’re often a little smaller than a standard house. Look at the space and go room by room, picking out furniture that’s multi-functional and that’s not going to feel bulky in the space. Plan for the space, create illusions with mirrors and paint and don’t forget about incorporating a splash of color with art and smaller home decor pieces. 


About The Author: Dannea Moneva has been a travel and lifestyle blogger for the past 5 years. She loves to go out there and discover, be surprised, learn many profound things, and continuously redefine her perceptions of this world through the new places and people she meets.


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