How to Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing For Sleep?

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We all know that a bedroom is where we go to rest and get a good night of sleep. But unfortunately, it is not always easy to fall asleep when we need it, and everyone has their own reasons for this: stress at work/school, noise, light, or simply feeling uncomfortable with your bedding or pillow. And what does help you set up an ideal sleeping environment?

Most of us sleep about eight hours a day. Take a little time and effort to improve the comfort level in your bedroom, and you will find that you can not only fall asleep more quickly but also sleep better and wake up healthier and refreshed. A bedroom is just as important as a living room or bathroom, and with these ideas, it will be even more charming than before!

Here are some tips for creating a more comfortable place to rest.

No noise

Make sure your room is quiet enough, so it does not disturb your sleep. Wear earplugs if you have noise problems caused by children who sleep in another room or people who live nearby (or work night shifts). Keep fans, air conditioning units, and traffic noise outside where they belong. If you have pets, make sure to keep them in another room. If your housemates play loud music when trying to sleep, tell them to turn down the volume.

Dark and cool

The bedroom should be dark and comfortable. If light penetrates, invest in heavy curtains that block sunlight. Try also using a sleeping mask if you feel like sleeping in total darkness. It may seem like something people do when they go camping, but there are some very nice models nowadays that will give your eyesight a rest while keeping you cozy!

Invest in a comfortable mattress

Invest in a high-quality mattress. You spend a third of your life in bed, so it is worth spending a few extra dollars for something you will not regret. Make sure the pillow suits your needs and does not make your neck tired after only a short while.

Speaking of pillows, find a comfortable pillow that ​​supports your neck while you sleep. The best option for this is a thin, flat pillow or a soft, fluffy pillow with a medium height. Take a look at the many pillows on sale and see which one simply feels right to you when lying down. It is also important to make sure the pillow fits the shape of your bed.  In the same way, sheets should be comfortable to sleep in and just the right temperature: cool but not cold.

Furthermore, it’s worth spending more money on this item because it will help you get rid of back pain and relieve pressure points that may cause aches when you wake up. If you are pregnant, look for a maternity bed that supports your belly while still giving your legs some freedom of movement. Ensure the bed base has enough support so the mattress does not sag down in the middle. We recommend you invest in a good quality memory foam mattress as it offers great comfort and relaxation even though it costs more than other types of mattresses.

Personalize your bedroom with nice surroundings

Personalize your environment with objects that have sentimental value or that simply make you feel good just by looking at them. A painting from a favorite artist, family photos, plants, or scented candles can do wonders for how comfortable you feel when going to bed. If there are things in the bedroom you still want to place, take things that you actually like. There is no need to clutter the room, but you should make it your own.

Here are some pro tips: Put some nice posters or paintings on the wall to give your bedroom a cozy atmosphere without having to spend much money on decorations or accessories. You can also put up shelves to store your favorite items there instead of having them on the floor.

Improve room temperature

Having too cold or too hot a bedroom can affect how well you sleep at night because the body always needs to have a certain temperature for good rest. Try to keep rooms between 18-19 degrees Celsius so that the body can relax more quickly and fall asleep faster. A good trick is to put a hot water bottle in your bed, as this will give you a few degrees of summer warmth that you need for a restful sleep. That said, everyone is different and has their preferences. While many people like it hot at night, others prefer room temperature or even cold conditions. So, find out what temperature suits you when going to bed and trying to sleep well.  Experiment and see how changing temperatures affect the quality of your sleep.

Relaxation music

Many people like listening to relaxing, ambient music when going to bed. This is an excellent way of improving sleep quality because it helps you quickly slip into a relaxed state of mind without taking too much time over it. Choose some gentle piano tunes or nature sounds (rain, wind, waves) on low volume instead of turning on the TV or radio. This will also save you from intrusive noise that can otherwise lead to stress or anxiety during half-sleep.

Bedroom Feng Shui

If you have not already done so, try looking at what changes can be made to change the atmosphere in your bedroom to a more relaxing atmosphere. When decorating a room, keep in mind that cleanliness and order also help you relax. The focus here is on simplicity and soft lighting. If possible, avoid cluttered rooms and keep corners free of unnecessary things.

Aromatherapy with lavender

Essential oils have been used for centuries because they affect our bodies at a very subtle level. Lavender is one of the most popular fragrances in aromatherapy because it works quickly and effectively on the body, mind, and soul. Spray a few drops on your pillow, or use an aroma candle to help you relax as soon as you come home from work. This will also allow you to fall asleep faster and wake up more refreshed after a night’s sleep.


If you’re having trouble falling asleep, try making some changes to your bedroom. Set up the perfect environment for sleep by using our tips and tricks to make sure that it is dark enough, you have comfortable bedding or pillow, no noise or light is coming in from outside of your room (or inside if this bothers you), and last but not least–you should be able to get out of bed easily without any pain! All these factors will help ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed with all the energy needed to tackle another day at work when morning comes around.  We hope these ideas gave you some new insight on how best to create an optimal sleeping environment for yourself so that each night can become more restful than the previous night.

Which has been your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


About The Author: Jennifer R. Heller is a writer at Sleeping Park, the leading source for sleeping products and information. She has spent her time researching sleeping health topics, testing out new sleeping merchandise, and interviewing experts in the field to create informative articles on all things related to sleep. She also writes about her findings in blogs published with every piece she writes on the site. Jennifer also has an economics degree and enjoys using her knowledge of supply and demand to help customers find their perfect mattress match. Jennifer likes to read or travel overseas when she’s not at work or hanging out with her family.

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