Feathered Nest: Organization Hacks For New Mothers

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Bringing home a little person can be a stressful,exhausting, chaotic time of life, no matter how wonderful it is, and there seems to be a thousand jobs which need attending to – just when your arms are full of your tiny person! Staying on top of day-to-day life is challenging even when you haven’t been commandeered by a newborn, so here are a few tips to help you get your world in order. Whether you’re a new parent or a well-seasoned pro, it can always be useful to have some pointers or reminders of where to begin.

1) Abandon Perfection

This might seem an odd starting point, but it’s the most essential to remember from the word go – you are a new mother, and nobody expects your house to be perfect. Take time to bond with your baby, and make life as easy for yourself as you possibly can by not stressing about whether the house is spotless.

2) Designate Places

If everything has a place, it’s much more likely to end up back there, rather than strewn on the floor in chaos because you can’t remember where you should put it. “Be kind to your baby brain and label containers so you – or helpful family, neighbors, etc., can locate things easily, and put them back just as easily. This should help you stay on top of things” says Karen Loya, Lifestyle blogger.

3) Batch Cook

Cooking is perhaps one of the most time-consuming chores, so if you can get yourself some freezer meals tucked away before baby is born, do so. Make big pots of your favorite dishes and portion them up so you can always grab something nutritious, but easy, on the nights when you’re too tired to start cutting onions in the kitchen.

4) Little And Often

Stay on top of the housework by attending to it regularly. If you don’t let anything get too dirty, it’s a matter of moments to wipe it down and polish it up – and the task will seem far less daunting to tackle. Try and get into a routine in terms of washing and drying clothes so you can have clean diapers and outfits for your little one, and so your laundry room doesn’t look like a volcanic eruption. Doing certain jobs on designated days will help to spread the load and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

5) Stock Up And Spread Out

Decide what the essential things are, and stock up on them so you can have a few in each room. “If you’ve decided to use muslins for your baby’s face and hands, have some in every room, easy to grab whenever you want them. Make sure there are cozy shawls and blankets around, for both yourself and the little one to snuggle up in whenever you need” comments Maryellen Shea, a design blogger at Paper Fellows.

6) Emergency Stash

Make yourself a little emergency stash for that moment when you inevitably run out of something you need and you can’t get out to the grocery store because it’s two in the morning. If you’re formula feeding, have a tin set aside – make sure of the date – for just such an occasion. If you’reusing disposable diapers, have at least a couple of emergency extras stashed somewhere safe so that you won’t be tempted to grab them at some other point.Think about emergency things you might want yourself, such as an extra jar of coffee or your favorite biscuits, and stow them away safely for when you really need them. Chances are, you will thank yourself!

Bringing a new baby home is daunting and bound to be chaotic whatever you do, but with these tricks, you’ll make things a little easier for yourself and your new little one!

About The Author: Chloe is a tutor at Big Assignments and OXEssays services. Also, she teaches an online course on creative writing.

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