Best Cooling Ideas For Home

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Keeping your home cool can be such an expensive yet necessary task if you are to enjoy your home in all seasons. Here are a few ideas on what you can do to keep your home cool, do so efficiently and save cost too.

1. Clean your Air Conditioner regularly

You must keep your AC unit clean at all times. Set a regular time, perhaps monthly, when you can check your AC filter and clean it (or replace it as the case may be). Ensuring your AC unit is clean at all times keeps the AC system efficient by reducing the energy expended to achieve cooling and consequently, the cost involved.

2. Get yourself a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans cause a cooling effect on your skin by increasing the rate of evaporation. A ceiling fan is definitely a good idea when the temperature rises. What’s more? They are affordable and do not consume so many units. Also, you can set your ceiling fan to rotate in a counter-clockwise manner. Yeah. Most people don’t know that but doing so causes a breezy effect that will make you cool faster. Also, cleaning and polishing the fan blades regularly, tightening any loose screws and oiling the fan help keep the fan efficient in cooling the room.

3. Reduce the use of appliances that generate heat

As much as possible, avoid using heat-generating appliances like ranges, dishwashers, dryers, stoves and ovens when the house is already hot. They only end up increasing the room temperature. If you have to use them at all, schedule them for evening hours when cooler temperatures prevail. Also, opt for energy-saving bulbs like the compact fluorescent light bulb instead of the incandescent light bulb which is known for generating more heat. 

4. Deal with Your Windows

You can begin by ensuring that your window blinds or curtains are down whenever the sun is hottest to keep your house from heating up. This is particularly important for windows that receive direct sun rays and low hanging windows of rooms on lower floors. Installing blackout window curtains are also known to help insulate rooms against heat.

Besides, you can insulate your windows with window films. They are reported to provide as much as 98% heat protection. By keeping the sunlight out, window films also help to maintain the room temperature. Also, using awnings above your windows will significantly reduce the sun rays that hit your windows in the first place.

5. Go Green

Going green is a natural way to keep your home cooler. Although it may take a while to reap the fruits of this effort, planting vines and trees apart from making the scenery around your house more beautiful, will make the environment of your house cooler. Also, there are species of potted plants you can have indoors that are known to be heat-absorbent. Together, going green may be the way to go to regulate the environment of your home.

6. Use Breathable Sheets

Cotton and linen sheets are perfect cloth materials for hot seasons. This is because they breathe easier and can stay cool for longer.

7. Stay low

Putting your mattress on the floor when you need to sleep or sleeping on lower floors (where that is possible) is also a good idea since heat always rises upwards. This means that it is typically cooler the closer you are to the ground.


When the weather heats up and the fear of your potential energy expenditure due to AC use creeps in, remember these ideas and put them to use. What you’ll get is a cooler and more comfortable home for yourself and your family.

About The Author: My name is Tom and I currently reside in the United Kingdom. My greatest assets are my words and I enjoy using them to make the lives of others easier. I have been writing professionally for about three years and they have been the most beautiful years of my life. Second to writing, hot chocolate is my greatest addiction.
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