Backyard Activities Your Family Can Enjoy in Warm Weather

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It’s not easy to stay cooped up indoors — especially when you need to entertain your family. As we continue to navigate the current pandemic, it’s important to prioritize activities that help us maintain a positive outlook. It’s springtime, so whenever we have a chance to safely gather outside, we should take advantage of beautiful weather.

Just because you’re quarantined with your immediate family doesn’t mean warm weather is off the table. With a backyard and a little creativity, spring activities can still feel fresh. Here are a few ways to have fun at home and enjoy the weather:

1. Drive-In Movie Night

Who doesn’t like to watch a movie at a drive-in? With a little bit of work, you can recreate that experience at home. You’ll want to use a laptop or projector to show everyone’s favorite films. Feel free to connect a speaker for better audio. Then, make a bunch of snacks, like popcorn, nachos and wings. You can stick to classic movie theater bites or try a few new recipes — it’s up to you!

After you’ve gathered blankets and pillows, use your car’s trunk as a sitting and viewing area. You could display each movie on your garage door for a perfect view, or make a DIY movie screen for an authentic feel. If you’d prefer to use a laptop, lay out a blanket on the grass instead. Either way, you can enjoy a movie night under the stars.

2. Obstacle Course

Children and teenagers should exercise for at least 60 minutes every day — and it doesn’t hurt to enjoy some fresh air, either. You can build an obstacle course to encourage your family to spend time outside. Consider hosting a family competition where you time each person. Whoever wins receives a prize. 

Here are a few more challenge ideas to consider:

  • Use a plywood plank to create a balance beam. Make sure to check for potential splinters beforehand.
  • Create a station where participants have to throw a ball through different hoops.
  • Lay out a ladder for everyone to hop through.
  • Fill up a kiddie pool and have your kids fish for objects.

It may be hard for young children to complete some obstacles, so try to create multiple stations with varying difficulties. In any case, your kids will love to blow off some steam outside.

3. Cookout Party

When it’s warm outside, it’s hard not to think about yummy barbecue. Why not host a mini-cookout? You and your family can enjoy a tasty meal as you play a few backyard games. Before your family makes your next grocery run, create a kid-friendly dinner menu so everyone’s happy. Then, set a date — even though each person should be home, it helps to block out time.

Don’t forget to decorate your backyard, either. You could add string lights, table vases and special silverware. As you cook, your kids can try their hand at cornhole or organize a pick-up basketball game. Make sure to compile a playlist, too.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a simple and enjoyable activity that works for all ages. A scavenger hunt could be an excellent way to spend an afternoon. Ask your kids to come up with different themes and ideas. You could create a secret code to solve a phrase or match items to various colors and symbols. You may want to combine a scavenger hunt with an obstacle course, too.

A scavenger hunt can teach your children how to work together and improve their reading skills. Plus, you don’t need to buy any unique items. A few pieces of paper and a couple of markers work well. If you want to use a larger area, create a scavenger hunt with hidden clues both inside and outside. Remember to set aside a special reward for the winner.

Use These Ideas for a Fun-Filled Afternoon

Try not to let this pandemic cause too much boredom. You and your family can stay entertained with any of these enjoyable activities. Just make sure you’re following guidelines, staying safe and avoiding inviting friends and neighbors to join in on the fun until this crisis passes.

About The Author: Holly Welles is a home & garden writer. She shares more advice on creating beauty in your home on her own blog, The Estate Update, and on Twitter.
Photo by Stephanie Ecate on Unsplash

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