7 Tricks to Have Your House Always Cleaned and Disinfected

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Cleaning regularly is one of the best ways to keep your home healthy and safe. Cleaning prevents bacteria, viruses, and pests like cockroaches, bedbugs, and moths from taking over your house. Now that we are in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic, it’s especially important to maintain high levels of hygiene. Thanks to the rapid advancement of science, you can easily clean surfaces with cost-effective disinfectants by following simple cleaning procedures.

Cleaning your house properly

If you are like most people, you’ve probably made the mistake of cleaning room by room or zone cleaning. While it’s effective, it’s way too slow. Plus, the probability of cleaning your entire house in this manner is low. Instead of focusing on one area, consider cleaning your house from top to bottom. Wiping things down is easy, efficient, and quick.

Task cleaning has several advantages that you cannot ignore. Completing one chore such as dusting surfaces throughout your house before starting something else like cleaning the floors will help you get more done. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to workout.

Here are seven easy tips that will make your house sparkle in a few minutes even if you are a beginner. You can also clean with your loved ones for better and quicker results. Let’s get started!

1.      Top to bottom

The first and most important tip is to clean from top to bottom. And from the left side to the right side. You’ll notice a change in your house once you implement this simple technique.

One of the reasons why the top to bottom technique works is because dirt falls from the top to bottom as you clean. Therefore, if you are cleaning your bedroom or kitchen, cleaning the lower surfaces first and then moving up will force you to clean the lower surfaces again. Always start at the top.

When it comes to cleaning from the left to right, you have to be consistent. This is an effective trick because it helps you avoid missing sections or spots. Every section of your room is going to be cleaned because of consistency.

2.      Take your time

In most advertisements, you’ll see people spraying a product and then wiping it once. And the dirt is gone. The truth is your cleaning product has to rest to do its work effectively. This is a critical part of the cleaning process.

Dwell time is very effective. Cleaning products work like hair dye. You have to give them time to sit and soak for them to make a difference. Dwell time also allows your cleaning product to disinfect. If your cleaning product has a disinfecting property, it’s going to need an average of five to ten minutes to kill bacteria. This allows you to get the cleaning and disinfecting that you want.

3.      Work your way up

It’s always important to start with a safe and gentle product and progress to the harsher ones if needed. This is especially true if you live with children and pets or you have allergies. Let’s face it. Your house is not as dirty as you think it is. Therefore, gentle products can get most of the work done. In most cases, there’s no need for a strong or harsh product. Always go for gentle cleaning products that are environmentally friendly.

4.      The “S” Pattern

It’s highly likely that you clean in circles because you see everyone around you doing it. Cleaning surfaces in circular motions is ineffective because you end up picking up dirt and moving it around the same of different locations. Plus, your likely to miss some sections. And you’ll end up working twice as hard.

The S pattern will have a great impact on your final results. All you need to do is start at the top left corner and wipe all the way to the bottom right side. You’ll get fewer streaks and amazing results.

5.      Have all the essentials

Before you start cleaning, ensure that you have everything you need close to you. This will help you save time and energy. Taking a few minutes to strategize will help you stay a step ahead. Having all the cleaning essentials in your room will help you clean efficiently and effectively.

6.      Pull the vacuum cleaner slowly

Pushing the vacuum cleaner forward helps you get it into the right position. On the other hand, pulling removes dirt and other contaminants. Therefore, for a cleaner carpet, you need to slow down on the pull.

When cleaning floor surfaces, vacuums can blow away dirt that you’re trying to clean up. You can avoid the double work by sucking up dirt using the wand attachment first. If your floors don’t get any cleaner after pulling your vacuum slowly, it might be time to get a new cleaning machine.

7.      Prevent accidents at home

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that falls are among the leading causes of injuries for elderly Americans. A fall can change one’s life, especially elderly people. As you clean your home, here are a few simple measures that will help you reduce the risk of a fall:

  • Remove anything that you may trip over from the walkways and stairs. This includes shoes, books, and clothes to name a few.
  • Install grab bars in slippery areas such as the bathroom or toilet
  • Invest in non-slip mats and put them in the bathtub or shower
  • Wearing shoes that fit well will prevent accidents
  • Before taking medications, ask your doctor to explain the side effects.

Preventing a fire at home

A home fire can easily grow from a spark to an emergency. You can avoid fire dangers by:

  • Installing smoke alarms and checking if they are working regularly
  • Having an escape plan and ensuring all the inhabitants of the house know it
  • Disconnecting electrical appliances after use and storing them safely.


By implementing these seven simple cleaning tips, you’ll save a lot of time, energy, and money in the long run. Keeping your house neat and tidy will help you clean more surfaces and rooms easily and quickly. But if you don’t have time to clean your house, consider hiring an experienced cleaner.

About The Author: Leon Collier is a freelance writer from Edinburgh. He writes for best essay writing services UK where people buy custom essay. Leon loves to write about everything: pop-culture, travel, self-development, marketing. He enjoys reading and playing tabletop games on Saturday with his friends. Follow him on twitter @LeonCollier12.
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