5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Bedroom Feel Warmer This Winter

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Nothing beats snuggling into a warm and cozy bed on a chilly winter night. Although setting the thermostat just right is the easiest way to keep your bedroom warm, it’s not the most economical if you use it all the time. Worrying about your heating costs might prevent you from having a good night’s sleep after all.

Luckily, there are easier and more affordable ways to make your bedroom a warm and cozy haven perfect for sleeping in during cold weather.

Here are five things that you can do to make your bedroom feel warmer this winter:

  1. Pile on layers of bedding

Layer your bed with warm blankets, quilts, beddings and plush pillows to make it feel warm and comfy. Do a bottom-up approach and start with a mattress protector. If you don’t mind adding to your heating costs, you can also consider getting a heated mattress pad that will warm up your whole bed from underneath your sheets.

Next, go with a mattress topper that will provide insulation followed by your other beddings. Choose warm sheets made from flannel or cotton sateen. Top them with a thick down-filled (or down-alternative) comforter or a duvet. Make sure to add your quilt and blanket as well. If you want extra warmth, you can also use an electric blanket but keep in mind the additional cost to your utility expenses.

When it comes to your beddings, having fabrics such as wool, fleece or cotton sateen on your bed will always be a good idea for staying warm. The trick is to mix and layer different materials or fabrics that can trap body heat and provide insulation.

  1. Treat your windows right

Having the right window treatment during the winter season is essential. Your windows should be able to keep the warm air inside and not let the cold air from outside get into your room.

One practical way to keep the warm air inside your room is to install thick heavy curtains that can keep warm air inside and help block out light improving insulation in your bedroom. Not only do these curtains provide extra warmth, but they also add style and make your room feel cozier.

Before installing curtains, make sure to check for drafty windows or doors. Fix any gaps or seal in the openings with caulk or other sealing materials. You can also cover your windows with bubble wrap or plastic shrink films for extra insulation.

  1. Cover the floor with area rugs

There’s nothing like getting up from your warm bed and stepping barefoot on a cold, hard floor to shock you awake on a cold winter morning. What can you do about it? Just lay down thick, warm area rugs to cover your floor so that your feet feel comfy walking around your room.

While area rugs add color and style to a room, they also provide a layer of insulation to your floor by trapping the cold air underneath so that your room and your feet can feel warm and toasty. Your feet will especially love the soft fibers of warm area rugs made from wool or faux sheepskin.

  1. Do some furniture rearranging

Take a look around your bedroom and consider rearranging some of the furniture to maximize your room’s potential heat. Make sure that there are no furniture blocking vents or if it applies, move your bed away from the window. The glass on your windows becomes colder at night, so your bed will be warmer if it’s far away from any window.

Sometimes, just doing something as simple as moving things around can help make your bedroom feel warmer.

  1. Make yourself warm and comfortable

Although it’s good to do various preparations to make your bedroom warmer, you can also prepare yourself so that you don’t easily feel cold. Keep your body temperature warm by wearing a sweater or a robe while in your bedroom and wear thick socks before climbing into bed. Besides feeling warmer, you will sleep better at night as well. 


Drinking hot beverages is also the perfect companion for cold weather. Sip your favorite tea, coffee or hot chocolate as you read a book or settle in front of the TV. Remember that your bedroom is your sanctuary. Just do whatever makes you feel warm and comfortable so that the cold won’t bother you.

About The Author: Holly is a freelance lifestyle writer. Her focus now is to help readers update their interior décor.
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