5 Essential Pieces Of Home Gym Equipment For Effective Workouts

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If you are thinking of upgrading your home with the addition of a home gym, you’ll be spoiled for choice on equipment options.


There are a few pieces of equipment that are essential to any home gym so we recommend starting with these for effective workouts at home. 

There are also plenty of buying options for each piece of equipment, so we’ve picked some of the best options on the market right now to help you make your best choice.

EZ Curl Bar

Before you rush out to buy a standard barbell, take a look at the more comfortable option. A good EZ curl bar can help you to isolate your biceps and make bicep curls easier and more comfortable so that you can add more weight and progress more quickly. The problem with standard barbells is that they can cause wrist ache after a while, but the shape of an EZ curl bar reduces pressure and twist on the wrists allowing you to concentrate on “form,” so your workout is comfortable and effective.

Investing in this EZ curl bar is certainly worth the money even if you opt for a more expensive brand because the better the quality of your bar the more weight it will be able to take on. Many professional EZ curl bars are compatible with Olympic weights so if you are training for professional weight lifting you’ll be able to combine the bar with your Olympic plates. As well as limiting stress on the wrists, the knurling on these bars reduces friction on the hands and reduces the chance of calluses. Comfort is key to an effective workout and this EZ curl bar makes all the difference.

Bumper Plates

Once you’ve got the perfect bar, you’ll need the perfect weight plates to go with it. Bumper plates are a great choice for a home gym because they are made from dense rubber, instead of metal, which will do less damage to your floor and the weight themselves. Getting a good set of bumper plates means replacing them less regularly and saving yourself money in the long run. What’s more, you can still get Olympic sized plates in bumper plate material.

Made from high-density rubber, bumper plates are both durable and malleable so they are easy to attach and detach from most barbells or EZ curl bars. They usually have a low bounce which reduces pressure and damage on your floor and is also safer as you can throw down heavier weights without risk of them bouncing into something or back up at you. Depending on your weight range, you can find sets in different sizes and weights to suit you.

Weight Bench

For serious weight lifting, you need more than just a vertical weight lifting option. Weight benches give you the ability to perform a range of different movements with your weights, including bench and chest presses, and isolate different muscle groups. With incline and decline options, you can choose which parts of your body you want to work on and target anything from biceps to abs.

The great thing about FID (flat, incline, decline) benches is that you can put a lot more pressure on your abs during core exercises. If you’ve been doing ab crunches on your bedroom floor for a while, you’ll know that it takes a lot of added resistance to get the same burn once you’ve built up your muscles. A declined bench can instantly give you that ab workout you are looking for and help you to build back muscle at the same time.

You also don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get a good weight bench. Many come with adjustable positions to target different areas of the body and even a removable leg holder for lower body exercises and support during ab workouts. This piece of equipment is great for home gyms because it is also compact and can fit in any sized home gym space from basements to sunrooms.

Power Rack

To go with your weights and weight bar you’ll need a good power rack. At a home gym, you might not always have someone on hand to spot you. This is why a power rack is important for safety and for reaching your maximum weight without causing yourself an injury. They also help you to diversify your workout and complete a range of exercises that target upper body, lower body, and core, for a complete and effective workout.

For the best complete workout, a power rack is essential to any home gym. They come with everything you need for body weighted and weighted exercises. You will need a little extra room in your home gym to accommodate a serious piece of equipment like this though, and some options will also need to be bolted to the ground so you really need a dedicated gym space. But if you are serious about getting an effective workout at home, a power rack is essential.

Barbell Collars

Whether you have an EZ curl bar, powerlifting bar, or standard barbell, barbell collars are an important addition to your barbell that should be part of every home gyms basic set up. Barbell collars keep your plates in place so you can lift more weight safely. This piece of equipment might seem like just an option but if you are lifting heavy weights, barbell collars are essential for safe and effective workouts.

Barbell collars with spring designs can quickly be released and attached to your barbell when you want to use different bars or change the weights. Personally, I find that having barbell collars that are difficult to use can really kill my focus and make my workout much less effective, so finding an easy to use barbell collar option is a must. I also always look for something durable that I won’t have to constantly replace, no matter how heavy my weights are.


If you are looking for your first pieces of equipment for your home gym, these 5 essentials are the best things to start with. With high-quality pieces of equipment, you’ll get the most out of your home workout, even with just these few purchases.

Even if you already have a home gym, you should seriously consider adding these essentials if you want a really effective workout at home.


About The Author: Jake Willhoite is the head fitness fanatic and editor-in-chief over at HealthListed.com. You’ll often find him researching new workouts or listening to his favorite health podcasts.
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