New York Siding: How to Get Started With New Siding for Your Home

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How do I know what to do if I want new siding on my house?

Certainly homes in New York, New Jersey and on Long Island have similar needs when it comes to the amount of exterior protection a home should have year round against the elements.  Which part of the country you live in determines the level of protection your home might need when it comes to windows, siding and roofing.  It also influences the local codes regarding set minimums for R-value and for insulation.  Homeowners in general remain largely unfamiliar with most of this information because, quite frankly, they don’t often use it on any regular basis.

However, when there is an interest to approach a siding project it may be for a number of different reasons.  One example and unavoidable is the emergency repair needed because violent weather like a hurricane or tornado causes damage that will require immediate attention.  The other and more likely scenario is when a homeowner has an interest to create some added curb appeal.  That interest is sometimes also motivated by an underlying desire to reduce their energy consumption and save money on fuel bills.  When it comes to new siding and energy savings, the opportunity to also consider replacement windows adds up to a homerun in reducing your home heating energy bills.

Everyone who considers a home remodeling project is interested to understand what options are available for their home.  At Alure Home Improvements, we always provide a FREE in home consultation for which there is never an obligation.  We remain prepared to send a specialist, specific to your project, to your home for an inspection and design consultation.

One of the things you need to do before you start a siding project is to acquire an accurate assessment of the condition of the existing product(s) already in use.  Determining that there is a pre-existing condition that might require repair is best addressed before the actual work begins.  Included in the FREE consultation, Alure provides a complete on-site inspection that provides the knowledge needed about your home to let the design process begin.

One of the things they will evaluate is the windows relative to the existing siding on the house.  The opportunity to add insulation is perfect for any siding contractor when remodeling the exterior, however the different products available for insulation have to be considered as there is only so much room available next to the window frame.  What doesn’t look good is having the siding protrude further than the window frame and it sometimes limits the amount of insulation that can be provided by the different thickness of the foam board insulation we install.   In fact, Alure’s exclusive UltraShield insulation provides a system R-Value of 4.16, and can provide savings of 20% on heating and cooling costs while increasing the comfort of your home.

When considering siding installation or any exterior project, ultimately it’s the “look” the home will have when the job is completed that influences many decisions.  The Alure Design Imaging program is fully equipped to show what any home can look like and is a great advantage in achieving a successful renovation.  Using a photo of your home in a design session allows you to add and make changes that you can see on a large screen TV.  It can generate a little excitement when you see it happening to your own home right before your eyes.  It is a great way to ensure that you will like the job when it’s finished because you can see the results before you begin.

While the your home improvement project begins with an in home visit from one of our designers, ultimately it pays to then visit our 3 floor showroom in East Meadow to see the full size displays.  There you will find the different styles of vinyl siding that include traditional Clapboard, Dutchlap and Wood Shaker Styles. Having discussed many of these products, it will give you an idea of the style you may choose for your home.  It can range from traditional to modern and even contemporary.

The keys to a successful exterior renovation include a contractor who understands the product and the quality of the installation.  It is critical to how well the product will perform.  There are issues of expansion and contraction resulting from the different seasons that affect vinyl siding and the result can be a buckling or even having the product fall off the house.  It is important to choose a good quality product and also a good quality installer.

The siding products provided by Alure are all protected by a lifetime warranty; however we also stand behind our exterior work with a full ten year guarantee.  Regardless of when you may consider new siding for your home or how long it may last Alure will be there as your friend in the business to help you along the way.

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