Why use Owens Corning Windows

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Be the Envy of Your Neighbors

The Advantex® Fiberglass Structural Technology increases the strength and durability of Solace® Windows making them much stronger than non-reinforced vinyl windows. And by combining the strength of fiberglass with vinyl’s easy maintenance, Solace® Windows deliver, in virtually any weather condition.

Solace® Windows are tested to withstand some of nature’s most extreme events. When we test our windows, we subject them to structural load conditions that simulate wind speeds of over 190 miles per hour, a force even greater than a Category 5 Hurricane or an F3 Tornado.

Solace® PINK Insulated Windows offer higher resistance to heat and cold providing you with added comfort.

Who wants to replace their existing windows only to find that they have actually lost a portion of their view in the process? Our window design offers up to 27% more viewing area than typical replacement windows. So when you replace your windows with Solace® Windows you’ll benefit from today’s technology without compromising your wonderful view.

Solace® Windows are designed with the beauty of American architecture in mind. With a patented coved and contoured window design not only will your windows beautifully frame your view from inside your home, but your neighbors will envy the look of your home from the curb.

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