Tips for Managing Quarantine time Family Conflicts

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Quarantine time can be challenging in many aspects. When we are all home with energy building up within us and no such place to burn, expect that it would be released in unwanted places. This can cause some friction and conflicts. But bear in mind that all conflicts are not bad, as it is an indication that we still interact honestly each other.

When have siblings or friends or even family members stayed together without disagreeing with each other and it turning into a full-blown fight? These things are normal and something we can handle but with the danger of the Coronavirus and the rules implemented by the government, the stress is at an all-time high. The idea of being cooped up at home with nothing to keep you occupied, not even your job or friends, the tension needs to be released.

During this time, we need to help each other and be as calm as possible, try to understand the other person’s narrative, and try to reconnect with the family. You getting busy just taking care of your lawn involving your family can help.

The nature of the conflict can change based on your age and the role you play. Below we are going to list some of the most common conflicts people are suffering from and how best they can handle them.  

Types of Conflicts and How to Handle Them

1.      Spouse conflict

We made our vows to spend our life together, but nobody said anything about spending every minute of the day together. You love your partner and you are trying to be as understanding as you can but during these stressful times, things are bound to fall a little apart. You are not getting enough space and things like a job and chores are not occupying your whole day, in addition to kids being present all the time, fights between couples during this pandemic is quite common.


This is great for newly married couples also, as they are still trying to understand each other’s habits and living with them. In case of an argument or to show your dislike or annoyance, it is always good to start with something small or to speak softly, no need to shout. Also, do not block your feelings, it is okay to take a break, but it is better to always discuss your problem. Do not get defensive and try to appreciate your partner in all manners.

Doing things together can help, next time you do the hard chore such as keeping your shower room tidy, brainstorm with your partner how to clean with harmless products and do the chore together. If you can relax and watch a movie together, you can choose to do that too.

2.      With a child

Either you have a single kid or multiple, kids are a handful. It is difficult to manage your kids even when schools and playdates take up half of their day, imagine what it’s like to have your kid free from all those things. Even the littlest annoying habit will make you start crying or punishing your kid, there is no in-between.


In these harsh times, no one is judging you to be the perfect parent. It is okay to let loose a few rules but keep in mind that these changes will also affect your future and thus you need to set a limit. If telling your child to stop is not making a difference, use a different tactic. Do not complete all their demands, keep them in check. Try to make a plan for your kids so that they remain busy throughout the day.

3.      With your parents

When we have a busy schedule planned out for us, the possibility of not doing that for a few months seems insane and it is! Kids and parents lead very different lives and like to stay out of each other’s way. But due to the pandemic, parents and children have been put into a situation they are not comfortable with and still getting the hang of. There is no doubt that conflicts occur between parents and their children, especially on their habits or their procrastination. This is not the only thing, sometimes conflicts occur between parents based on their parenting styles and playing certain roles in the house.


When faced with such conflicts, the best thing to do is remain calm and in control. It is crucial as your partner or parent is highly aware of your words and actions and something you might say in a fit of anger might result badly. Thus, access the situation, cut back on the strict rules and regulations during a pandemic, and never accuse a fellow parent of bad parenting.

4.      Risk of abuse

There are some sad parts of life, even if it doesn’t affect you. With the quarantine in place, domestic violence may on the rise and many people are at risk of domestic violence and are afraid for themselves and their kid’s safety. Even challenging part is that the victims are not finding a private place or time to call a help line.


In case of such an event, you need to stay vigilant. Concoct a plan which advices on how to handle the abuser in case of a violent episode and how best to protect the kids. Always have a confidante, someone who is there when things get out of hand. If the worry is taking the best of you, helplines are available to help handle the situation.

5.      With a sibling

This might seem like your least source of worry, but conflicts between siblings can get out of hand. By following the suggestions, you can either have the best of your quarantine and connect with your siblings or you make things worse.


Do not meddle in the conflicts of siblings, try to make them resolve the issue by themselves and on their terms. But never let the discussion get out of hand and by that we mean aggression. Letting siblings hash out their own problems will help them learn how to communicate better with each other and become closer.


During these stressful times, you cannot expect a person to remain on their best behavior and one or two things are sure to get to their head and make them mad. So, what to do? Every family handles their problems differently and there is nothing wrong with that. But remaining calm, cool, and collected will ensure that the conflict does not get out of hand. Your family is your source of peace right now, you must try to understand and empathize with each other’s feeling instead of fighting. We hope you can cope at such times and come out stronger and connected to your family.

About The Author: Written By Steve C.
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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