Helping Long Island and The Tristate Area After Superstorm Sandy

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Servicing the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, our management team was looking for ways to assist the community and we came up with the concept for this informational seminar. On Sunday, November 4th, we conducted a free seminar at our East Meadow Showroom to assist homeowners in the affected areas. In order to help out those who may not have found out about the seminar, or could not make it due to power or fuel shortages, we have posted videos of the seminars. Industry professionals were on hand to present timely and valuable information on topics like how to find a
contractor to begin repairs, how to mitigate and remediate mold from flooded homes, protocols regarding what issues to address first in a disaster zone and how to find available financing to begin the restoration process knowing the insurance claim process would likely soon become overloaded. We understand everyone is in recovery mode and dropping everything to attend a seminar may not have been practical for many. That is why we captured some key moments and are now sharing them on our YouTube channel for convenient viewing. We hope you find this information useful.

James Reed – Former Deputy Commissioner of Consumer Affairs –How to hire a reputable contractor
Doug Cornwell – VP Operations- Alure Home Improvements – Straight Talk After Hurricane Sandy
Anthony A. Balestrino- Business Development Consultant – What can you expect from the insurance companies?
Michael Gianchetta- Vice President GIANCO – Protect your home and family from mold

Some highlights from the seminar”¦ In the days following Superstorm Sandy many Long Islanders will need to begin repairs to their homes and property. Now more than ever, James Reed emphasizes the importance of knowing what to look for in the contractor you may consider hiring to do the work. An educated consumer is better prepared to know when the deal sounds too good to be true. James Reed – Former Deputy Commissioner The crisis of having endured one of the worst storms to hit Long Island, Staten Island, the better part of New York state as well as New Jersey and Connecticut has given almost everyone some sense of urgency. Doug Cornwell talks about how to know what steps to take first and emphasizes that any actions taken should never be at the risk of personal safety. Doug Cornwell VP Operations Alure Home Improvements Superstorm Sandy brought a great deal of devastation to the community at large. Navigating the rebuilding process involves an insurance claim, but in many cases the work needs to begin right away. In the wake of such a large volume of damage you can expect that the claims process will be slow. Anthony reviews the options available to homeowners with financing options that can bridge that gap. Programs vary to meet individual needs that may include upgrades beyond standard replacement value. Payback terms are flexible and cater to both short term and long term restoration of property. Anthony A. Balestrino- Business Development Consultant If you were unfortunate to have had serious flooding conditions in your home, Michael speaks frankly about the restoration process; Mitigation, Restoration, Prevention. The truth is that wet and continued damp conditions will propagate mold, whether in your basement, first floor or any part of your home. The penetration level of water and how long it remains is the key to understanding what steps to take to avoid the health issues of mold while waiting for the insurance adjuster to review your property. Mold remediation is effective and Michael provides criteria that can help get you started. Michael Gianchetta, Vice President GIANCO

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