Small Kitchen Ideas – to Turn Your Compact Room Into a Smart Space

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In our family cooking is more of a hobby than anything else. Both of us enjoy experimenting with recipes of the world and hosting Saturday brunches or dinners. But we have to say that our kitchen is very small which always surprises our friends. “How do you do it?” they keep asking. Of course, we always dreamed of a kitchen spacious enough to dance while cooking. We wanted a large counter to put all of the appliances we wanted, plenty of shelves with spices of the world, and space for all food storage containers.

However, the reality is different and we had to try and make most of the small kitchen. Little to say we were desperate at the beginning! We were convinced that it wouldn’t be possible to make coffee there without making a mess, let alone to prepare food for five people. But then a friend introduced us to an interior designer, who agreed to take a look and advise us what to do. After he shared his kitchen ideas we realized that a small kitchen isn’t and shouldn’t be a barrier to anything.  We are sharing with you these kitchen ideas for small kitchens hoping they will inspire you too.

Small Kitchen Ideas

Flexible Storage

Ordinary shelves are not a good option for a small cooking room.  Small kitchens require you to be a bit more creative. Hence we suggest you consider getting wire panel shelving instead of standard shelves.  It is super versatile because you can put different things, from cutlery to pots and pans on this string. Believe it or not, it is even possible to put wine bottles on these racks.  Wire panels don’t occupy a lot of space as they can be placed under cupboards.

Invest in a Kitchen Island

We know that the memory of the entire family sitting at the enormous kitchen table in your grandparents’ house evokes deep feelings of love and warmth. But, when you are thinking about how to make most of your small kitchen design ideas, a table doesn’t sound like a good option, does it!? You see, nowadays it’s generally better to invest in a nice kitchen island rather than a table. With it, the kitchen will continue being a sociable place, while you will get extra storage space. That is what we call killing two flies with one hit!

Paint the Cabinets and Walls In the Matching Colors

We have to admit that it always surprises us how colors change the space. We know that rooms painted in light colors always look bigger. But have you seen a kitchen where cupboards are matching with the colors of the walls?  Oh, trust us, even the smallest kitchen, looks spacious!  It is one of the best kitchen ideas for cabinets particularly when you combine white and grey.  This color scheme creates incredibly light and airy space regardless of whether you consider kitchen ideas with white cabinets and grey walls or contrary.

Turn Corners into Storage Space

Whether you are looking for kitchen ideas for a condo or small house, keep in mind that there is always more space which you can use for storage, then you think. Just turn around! When you see all those gaps between the fridge and cabinets, etc., and all the empty corners, it will be much clearer what we are talking about. A lot of people don’t even think about it, but all this space has a lot of potentials to store many of the things that are unnecessarily making a mess in your kitchen.

Think About Kitchen Accessories

If you are looking for practical kitchen ideas, accessories are inevitable. Windowsills and shelves are quite useful when you want to add some strong baskets, stow bottles, and packets of fresh herbs. Baskets are great for storing condiments. That means you can easily bring and serve all of them on just one trip.

Final Take

If you ask, people will tell you that having a large kitchen space is incomparably better than a small one! Indeed, it is easier to maneuver in a more spacious room. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to plan and organize things. The kitchen ideas we prepared for you today are suggestions meant to inspire you to find ways to maximally your cooking space, no matter the size. How would you spend your day if you could remodel your kitchen? Do you need professionals? But maybe you already have some ideas of your own! Would you like to share them with us?


About The Author: Malcolm Cano. He is a chef in the past and the editor of a print media about cooking till nowadays. Big fan of dieting, kitchen design, and everything related to it. After years of work in the culinary field, Malcolm writes very useful and interesting articles about the kitchen and has a lot of personal recipes that he would like to share.

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