How to Remodel a Galley Kitchen

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The galley kitchen derives its name from the compartment on a ship, train, or aircraft where food is cooked and prepared – called a “galley.” As you would imagine, a galley needs to be incredibly space-efficient, and it’s this feature that makes the galley layout especially attractive for homeowners. The typical galley kitchen resembles a hallway lined on both sides with cabinets, counters, and appliances. It often includes hanging pots and dish racks that maximize storage and require little movement to accomplish tasks. Galley kitchens were common in older homes and are still popular in apartments and small houses where space is at a premium, but they can feel cramped and separated from the rest of the home. If that’s the case with your galley kitchen, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of simple ways to remodel it so that it feels bigger and more integrated with your home.

Paint the Walls

A fresh coat of light, neutral-colored paint can make your kitchen feel more spacious. While crisp white is always a good color choice, for a more modern design take, you can go with a light gray. Painting the ceiling a lighter shade than the walls is also a good way to enhance a sense of space.

Focus on Flooring

Avoid patterned flooring. Unless the pattern is subtle, patterned tiles can make a small space feel even smaller. The same goes for tiny mosaic tiles. Instead, choose light-colored, understated flooring that blends in more smoothly to complement, and not overwhelm, your kitchen’s other design features. Light hardwood planks, or large-scale tiles in textured gray, can make your kitchen seem more generously sized.

Install Sleek Cabinetry

Cabinets with clean lines and simple hardware lend sleekness to a galley kitchen. Avoid any cabinet design that’s too busy or ornate, as this can make a tight space feel smaller. For a sense of depth and easy sight lines, also consider glass-fronted cabinets.  

Don’t Forget the Backsplash

A high-gloss or mirrored backsplash reflects natural light. This timeless interior design feature makes a narrow space appear more expansive.

Turn Your Galley into an Open Kitchen

If a galley kitchen is just not your style, you can turn it into an open kitchen for a more airy feel. This project will change the layout and involve knocking down walls. Of course, you will need the help of a licensed contractor to determine whether the walls are load-bearing.

Home Improvement Experts

Alure Home Improvements performs a variety of kitchen remodeling projects. With us as your home improvement partner, your redesign possibilities are endless. You can choose cabinets, flooring, fixtures, and backsplash tiles in a range of colors, styles, and materials to increase the feeling of spaciousness in your galley kitchen. We can also completely change your kitchen’s layout by knocking down walls or expanding into another room for more space and accessibility. To learn more about our space-saving and transformative kitchen remodels, contact us today.

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