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If you live in a small house, condo or co-op, they usually do not have very spacious kitchens, which can make it difficult to outfit them with good appliances. Although buying new appliances isn’t financially feasible for everyone’s budget, it’s good to know the options available. Appliance World‘s Brian Nathan pointed to a number of popular space-saving appliances available for cramped quarters. Here are a few of his suggestions on how you can save some space without losing any function in a tiny area.

In small kitchens, people sometimes wash dishes by hand rather than sacrifice valuable space for a machine. However, this often leads to sinks full of dirty dishes. Nathan explained that one option is a portable washer.

“It’s a free-standing dishwasher that has wheels on the bottom. You can keep it in the closet when you’re not using it or pull it out into the kitchen when you are. The hose actually attaches to the sink faucet and you have a fully functional dishwasher that costs less than a traditional unit. It’s a pretty unique way to save space and get a fully functional dishwasher,” Nathan said in an interview.

There are also 18-inch versions of the traditionally 24-inch normal dishwashers from a variety of brands that you could choose from.

Microwaves are a staple in any kitchen, and are the perfect way for people with minimal cooking experience to whip up something hot for dinner. Nathan noted that low cost, standard counter microwaves are popular. People can stow these away in the cabinets to save counter space when they’re not in use.

A more luxurious option is to install a microwave drawer. They open like a normal kitchen drawer, which is great when every square-foot counts.

Consider compact appliances to maximize your space.
Consider compact appliances to maximize your space.

Laundry machines
Living in a home without laundry machines may guarantee piles of dirty laundry on the floor. Nathan advised homeowners to look for small, stackable units, which are thinner than normal units. Other options include ventless or portable options, which don’t require the hardware and ductwork of traditional machines.

Small standalone fridges are a big part of dorm life, but with a small kitchen, you can move up to a full size option. Nathan pointed to refrigerators that don’t exceed the depth of the counter and fit the restricted width requirements of small kitchen.

Most kitchens come outfitted with ranges already, but there are thinner ranges for kitchens that feel too cramped for a traditional 30-inch unit. There are a few brands that make specialty 24-inch ranges to give you that much needed extra space.

When preparing for a new kitchen in a small space, don’t forget the big appliances that can significantly change everyday life – they can make laundry easier, help the kitchen feel larger or keep your sink free of dirty dishes.

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