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While you're preparing for a kitchen remodeling project, one of the most fun aspects is coming up with custom design ideas. For many families, the kitchen is the center of the home. It's where everyone congregates in the morning for breakfast, where you can catch up on one another's days in the afternoon and where baking projects are undertaken on lazy Sundays.

Kitchen remodeling can help facilitate whatever your favorite kitchen activities are through a variety of avenues. In a practical sense, you may be able to get new appliances that'll allow you to cook differently, but most of what a kitchen renovation can do is redefine your space. You're able to completely change your layout for whatever you'd like. You can create a larger dining area in the kitchen, a breakfast bar, a craft area, a food preparation station – the possibilities are nearly limitless. Although you'll definitely want to put your own touches on the layout, here are a few ideas that many homeowners enjoy.

Create a triangle
As HGTV explained, you want to triangulate and spread out the most commonly visited areas: the range, the sink and the refrigerator. This will not only create a more open look, but it will also make it feel more open, as you'll likely use more areas of the kitchen.

Maximize surface area
One of the least regretted remodeling ideas is to install more kitchen counter space. People often want more space, especially when preparing a big meal, which may require substantial food preparation. A breakfast bar, island or counter extension can help give you more space when you need it, while also being functional at other times.

Some creative thinking can lead to fantastic kitchen design ideas.
Some creative thinking can lead to fantastic kitchen design ideas.

Steal space from other parts of the house
A kitchen renovation is the perfect time to start thinking about expanding the room's footprint. For many homes, the garage is too large or often unused, so this could be the perfect space to take over for a new kitchen that you'd be in constantly. Closets and home offices are other spots that, while valuable to some, may be better as parts of the new kitchen.

Don't forget the practical things
Although most of the design features will be focused on appliances and surfaces, don't forget about things like storage and lighting. If you don't get the storage or lighting you want, you'll be reminded about it every night when you try to find a spot for that clean pan.

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