5 signs your home may need a kitchen renovation

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For many homeowners, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It’s where everyone comes together to cook, eat, do their work and interact with one another. Although the kitchen has become such an important space to the modern family, kitchen design hasn’t always kept up.

This means that many people are living with kitchens that don’t match their needs or the way they use their space. If you’ve ever experienced these five problems in your kitchen, it may be a sign that it’s time for you to talk to a professional designer about renovating or remodeling your kitchen.

1. You keep bumping into each other 
One of the most common problems with older kitchens is that they don’t have space for more than one person. However, now it’s common for couples or families to prepare foods together, which can lead to frustration navigating the cramped quarters.

Build a kitchen that has plenty of room for the whole family.

Build a kitchen that has plenty of room for the whole family.

Consider renovating your kitchen and the first thing you and your custom kitchen designer will discuss is a new layout. Whether you want a work triangle with easy access between the range and the sink, or a customized design that maximizes counter space, you can make it happen.

2. There’s no more room in the cabinets 
Aside from human congestion in the kitchen, a lack of storage space is another common kitchen problem. Smaller kitchens often have insufficient or poorly designed storage areas that can’t fit modern appliances, reusable containers and food from a big box store.

Talk to a designer about building a kitchen that offers an array of storage options that are easily accessible and make the most out of your space. The best part is that you can maximize your storage and improve the look of your kitchen at the same time by installing new, quality cabinetry.

3. Nothing matches 
While function and frustration are often the driving forces for a new kitchen, aesthetic appeal can make people want a new space too. If you moved into a kitchen with a terrible color pattern, poor quality cabinets or outdated laminate countertops, consider remodeling to a design that better fits your home, your family and your tastes.

“Create a new kitchen that fits your home, your family and your tastes.”

4. Your appliances are outdated 
If your kitchen is filled with appliances that span several decades and don’t look anything like one another, it may be time to update the whole space. Don’t just buy a new range, refrigerator and dishwasher, though – work with a kitchen design expert to a create a completely new room and a cohesive design. New appliances are important for a functional and fun kitchen, but they look even better with new counters, cabinets and walls.

5. There’s nowhere to sit or eat 
If your kitchen doesn’t have a space to eat breakfast or for the kids to do their homework, it isn’t living up to its potential. Kitchen designers recommend having a kitchen table, connecting the space with the dining room, or at least having a breakfast bar or island. This can help create a more inclusive and functional space for informal meals and socialization.

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