3 tips for designing a modern kitchen on a budget

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When you undertake a kitchen remodeling remodeling or renovation project, the two most important factors are your vision for the new space and your budget. Your vision will allow you and your designer to create a space that looks and functions exactly as you want. Your budget determines the scope of the project as well as the restrictions and liberties your designer can take.

Alure Home Improvements’ kitchen design expert Marilou Arcuri explained that while vision and budget can be at odds at times, your designer can help you create the kitchen you want within your budget. Here are a few tips from Arcuri about how to create a modern kitchen design without breaking the bank.

1. Don’t overspend on materials 
To create a sleek, modern-looking kitchen, you don’t need to only install high-end appliances, cabinets and countertops. Arcuri explained that you and your designer can go with smarter options that are priced lower, but still have the same impact. For example, there are a variety of cabinets that can help create a modern vibe in your new kitchen that may fit your budget.

“Inexpensive cabinets that are designed well and properly installed can look like high-end cabinetry,” Arcuri said.

Your designer can help you find the right materials for your vision.
Your designer can help you find the right materials for your vision.

Additionally, you don’t need to spend a lot to get the best countertops for your home. While people often think they want marble or granite, quartz is a less expensive option that’s more durable and requires less maintenance. It can help create a clean, modern look better than nearly any counter material. Arcuri noted that laminate countertops are an even more affordable option that look more stone-like than ever and could work in a modern design.

Modern kitchen appliances are often stainless steel or dark colors. Talk with your designer to find appliances that fit your design and your price point.

2. Keep your design clean  
When you’re creating a modern kitchen, it’s important to focus on the core features that define the style, like clean space and sharp lines. A modern kitchen should look open, functional and geometrically exact. One way to achieve this goal is to use large tiles on the walls to create these unique, square lines.

“A modern kitchen should look open, functional and geometrically exact.”

Additionally, you’ll want to focus on balance and symmetry, Arcuri explained. Ensure that your design is orderly and optimizes the kitchen’s function and storage. This will help keep the space tidy and add to its sleek, clean look.

3. Think like a minimalist 
Part of keeping your design clean is reducing clutter. Modern kitchens aren’t empty, but they shouldn’t have counters filled with appliances and shelves covered in knickknacks either. Instead, a modern kitchen design is defined by its few orderly items. This allows the sharp lines of the design to show more clearly. Arcuri explained that this can actually help you stay within your budget.

“You can install every bell and whistle and spend a lot, but that doesn’t mean your kitchen will look high-end,” she said.

Think of your kitchen design like a minimalist artist. You make few strokes, but each is more impactful and thought-out because of it. Allow your counters, cabinets and kitchen appliances to become the focal points of your new kitchen.

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