3 things to consider before you remodel your kitchen

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The kitchen should be a source of joy in your home. Memories can be made there through the creation of a shared meal. It's also a room where you can express your creativity or experiment with new flavors. An outdated, inefficient kitchen can hinder the room's potential. If you're ready for a kitchen remodel, there are three main factors to consider. 

1. Light
Key areas, like your food prep and cooking areas, should be well-lit. Brighter light is better for these areas, but softer lights may be substituted over island bars where dining takes place. Uplighting is a common feature in modern kitchens, as it provides the most light with the least glare. Uplighting also saves room on the walls and floors for other kitchen necessities. Don't be afraid to get creative with lighting fixtures.

This kitchen remodel by Alure meets the lighting and spacing recommendations from NKBA.
This kitchen remodel meets the lighting and spacing recommendations from the NKBA.

2. Space
The kitchen can be a high-traffic area. It's a space that requires a lot of maneuverability for cooking. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommended the following spacing measurements:

  • Leave at least 158 inches of countertop – about 24 inches deep and 15 inches tall – clear and available for use.
  • Leave ample room for kitchen work areas and at least 36 inches for walkways throughout.
  • Microwaves should never be installed above 54 inches from the ground.

"If you're unsure which color best suits your space, contact an expert in kitchen remodeling to assist you in making the perfect selection."

3. Color
Psychologists have long studied the effects of color on people's moods. Keep this in mind when choosing a color for your new kitchen. Light colors maintain a fresh feeling, which can make your kitchen appear cleaner. Darker colors give the room a warm ambience and are believed to stimulate the appetite. Depending on what type of atmosphere you're trying to create, HGTV recommended using blue, red, green, yellow, gray or white in the kitchen, as these colors go well with many different themes are generally inviting. If you're unsure which color best suits your space, contact an expert in kitchen remodeling to assist you in making the perfect selection.

It's important to keep the three things above in mind before you remodel your kitchen. Lighting, space and color are all crucial factors in achieving an efficient and pleasing kitchen design. For more information on kitchen remodeling or if you have any questions regarding the best kitchen remodel option for you, contact a reliable, professional home improvement expert

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