Tips to Coming Up with Ideal Laundry Design for Maximum Usage

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Tips to Coming Up with Ideal Laundry Design for Maximum Usage

A laundry room is used often but it hardly gets a makeover in the home. The moment one hears that it is ‘laundry room,’ he/she loses interest in the room design. Each and every home has a laundry room which catches things like coins and movie tickets got from the pockets of shirts and pants. Now you can make the laundry room really interesting by considering a new laundry design. If the laundry area is well designed, and appealing, the entire chore of doing laundry work becomes enjoyable. You can do a lot of things to decorate your laundry room or add to the looks. It is one such room that you can theme to make it outstanding. Spend some time to decide on the theme of the room that you would like to adopt. The theme may be of NASCAR or it may be a beach theme. It may even be old fashioned. You may have that antique washboard upon the walls. Most of the laundry rooms are small but they may easily accommodate the book holder, a few chairs and storage racks. The book holder may hold magazines and you may just get lost in them by the time the washer is done moving.

There are numerous ways in which you may decorate the laundry room and add to the laundry design and appeal. The walls of the laundry room can have art work or messages from your kids.  You can place a sewing basket in there to sew patches onto jeans or buttons of shirts that may tear. You don’t need too big of a basket but a small one will do to hold your threads, needles, etc.

The need to have ideal storage space in the laundry room

You require proper storage space in the room. Proper storage space should be there in order to store detergent, sewing supplies, an iron or anything that may be needed in the room. There should be enough drawers and cabinets in the room. Proper storage space is also required for your dryer and washer. If they are larger machines, they are made to sit beside each other. If you want a space-saving washer, go for a front loader washing machine. This kind of washer is compact, and you can wash as many clothes as you want. You may design many things in the laundry room in order to reflect your personality and convey a unique statement.

Tips to Coming Up with Ideal Laundry Design

Let your personality shine through it

The laundry design tip number-1 should be making it your own and letting your personality shine through it. You may adopt the décor style which is unique and blends with the interior of your home. You may take some design risks and make the space your own. Choose wallpaper, bold floor tiles and some trending colors by checking out Instagram or Pinterest. Opt for neutral shades to create a sense of spaciousness and just add tone-on-tone texture onto the walls. Thick wallpaper with floral print can dramatically transform the walls as well.

Include the sink

Within the Laundry design, you may also add a sink. Install a beautiful sink which moves beyond the kitchen. A laundry sink has a great application and is meant for washing hands, pre-washing clothes and washing dirty shoes. Choose to sink that is stain-resistant and features a deep-bowl. Sinks are available in a variety of colors and specifications like stainless steel, ceramic or porcelain.

When it comes to laundry design, you should never forget the functionality of the room. There must be 4 different zones in the room, namely, sorting, drying or washing, ironing and folding. Use baskets, shelves and cupboards to maximize the space in order to make the custom laundry cabinet design that is attractive and function as well. 



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