The Secret to Picking Winning Color Combinations Every Time

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Choosing the perfect color for your home is a confusing task that needs time, patience and a lot of consideration. The color you choose determines how your house will look. It is advisable to hire a professional interior designer to equip you with the appropriate color to use and other interior styling tips. Here is an insight on how to choose the best colors for your home. 

Pull your colors from prints

Pulling colors from printed fabrics is the easiest way of picking the winning color for your home. Using the fabrics within your living space like pillowcases covers, table cloths, and beddings make it even better. The most suitable color depends on the colors that you love. 

If you are the rainbow person, go for shouting colors that that are prevalent in the fabrics. However, if you want a silent color for the living space, it would help if you choose the subtle colors on the prints. The subtle color looks classy and ageless. There are thousands of colors in the market, and to prevent getting confused, go with the fabric you chose to the paint shop.

Factor in lighting

When picking the perfect color for your room, the lighting factor is very crucial. The amount of light getting into your rooms pulls out a different color undertone. It is always good to talk about this factor during the initial designing stages of your house with the contractor because some errors can be very costly. The light intensity in the room is the determining factor to which color you will settle on.

For homeowners whose aim is to enjoy the panoramic views that Mother Nature offers, they will go with massive windows regardless of the amount of light that gets into the room. This kind of view is relaxing but to avoid the bright reflections from the sun, choose more silent colors. 

Going for bright white colors is disastrous, especially during summers. If viewpoints give you peace, choose silent colors like cream and maroon for the walls. However, to give life to the room, go for brighter accessories.

Work with neighboring spaces

When choosing the perfect colors for your home, the neighboring spaces should form a solid base to start to settle on the ideal match. Some neighborhoods are particular about the type of colors people living within the estate can use. However, the restrictions are always on the exterior looks like the roofing and walls. Despite these restrictions, you can still play with colors on the interior décor. 

It is a very tough balance that needs time to decide on the best possible colors to use. If the roofing is bright, you can switch to a more subtle complement. The seats and tables should be the darker version of the roof. 

For instance, for homes with bright green roofing, the owners can accessorize the living spaces with jungle green sofa sets and tables. You can play with the artwork by choosing the colors of your choice. The secret to fitting into the neighborhood is blending the colors to work in harmony.  

Consider your mood and preference

You are the most significant consideration when selecting the best color for your home. Many people often do not consider this a significant aspect because they are keen on satisfying their friends and family. This is a fallacy! Your friends will come to your house a few times every month or some even once a year. 

You should therefore choose the colors you love because your home is your primary and permanent residence. Getting the colors wrong can result in significant boredom that can cost your comfort and health. 

If you are a classy person, vintage colors are your perfect choices. However, for the young and trendy homeowners, bright colors are the ideal fit. The bright colors should be complemented with more silent colors like silent pieces of art. 

Find textiles first

Textiles are often not considered at the initial stages of a house. If you do not want to get it wrong, you must first find the textiles. It guides you on the appropriate fabrics to us and the design formats that will bring out your color aspirations. If you settle on paints to use before finding the textiles, the colors might fail to blend naturally. 

Upon finding the textile, your designer will help you choose the most appropriate shades for you. The designer will coordinate all the colors you are thinking of to help settle the uncertainties in your mind. It would help if you avoided rash decisions when deciding on the colors to use. 


Choosing the right colors for walls, roofing and interior home accessories is a challenging but possible task. Take your time to decide and if it gets tough, seek advice from friends and family. However, you should not stress because there are professionals who can help you out. The very important thing is finding the perfect blend. 

About The Author: Ashley Simmons is a professional journalist and editor working for MyAssignmentHelp Services from where students can get dissertation help from assignment writers. She has also been working in a newspaper in Salt Lake City for four years. The topics that she covers include psychology, modern education, business and marketing technology. She is a master in her line of work and plans to rise in the ranks while enhancing her skills further.
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