Simple Tricks That Will Refresh the Look of Your Home

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The global COVID-19 lockdown forced most of us to spend more time at home. It inspired many to create a safe and cozy space for themselves where they can pass the time.  

A revived interior can elevate your mood and bring you a lot of joy. This article explores some tips and tricks to refresh your home without adding any additional stress. It shares practical and straightforward ways to update your decor.  

Size it Up 

Before you embark on your project to overhaul your home’s look, decide which rooms you’ll refresh. When thinking about what to do in a large volume area or a loft, you’ll need a different approach to a smaller space. 

Once you’ve settled on the areas to revive, plan what to do first. It may be best to get to the kitchen and bathrooms first to minimize disruption and keep things efficient.  

Clean it Up 

Before you make any changes, it’s best to do a proper cleanout. Unpacking cupboards and shelves give you the chance to see what you’ve been hoarding and clear some space.

Decluttering opens up areas to use or repurpose sections that you couldn’t access before. If you don’t want to get rid of it, create a storage space where these items can go.  

Don’t feel that you have to fill up every bit of available square meter in a room. Sometimes an empty area can spark a creative idea to use it better and make it more practical. So don’t rush it. 

Color Therapy  

A fresh coat of paint can enhance your walls and your mood. Blues and greens can be calming, and neutral colors are safe ways to add a bit of warmth. 

You don’t have to paint an entire room either. Create a feature wall in one section with a prominent color you love. It’ll also be more comfortable to ‘undo’ only some parts when you want to make future changes. 

Once you’ve decided on your favorite shades and palette, consider painting a few pieces of furniture. Sanding down and restoring an older item gives it a new life and can turn it into a great focal piece.  

You can use a variety of techniques like chalk paint or spray on a fresh coat. Salvage these treasures and add your personal touch rather than getting rid of items.

Move it Around

Moving furniture pieces around can also add a refreshing touch. If you’ve got space constraints and can’t change the layout, you can move your art or photos around.  

You can also update a room by adding or swapping out other smaller items like scatter cushions on a couch. Give your living area a new look by bringing in a rug or a throw.

In your bedroom, you can add new linen or curtains. Alternatively, change them with ones you already have in another room or in storage to update the look with minimal effort. 

Go Green 

Think about adding a few houseplants. They add to the esthetics, improve air quality, and are very cost-effective ways to spruce up your interior.

Don’t stress if you don’t have green fingers. Several low maintenance options thrive with minimum care. 

Consider the light and humidity of the area before you decide on the best one. If you can’t add actual plants, bring in fresh flowers or foliage from your garden to breathe some life into your living space. 

Fixtures and Fittings 

Update the look of your bathroom or kitchen with new taps and faucets. It’s also an excellent time to fix a drip or minor leak. A few new appliances like a toaster or kettle in your favorite color will refresh your countertops. 

You can also consider changing your light fittings in one or more rooms. A chandelier-like model can soften up a room, or you can go all modern and minimalist with a stainless steel look.

While you’re at it, check that all the light bulbs are working for maximum effect. If you’re replacing, consider an energy-efficient option like LED. 

You could also change the color and type to suit the needs of a bedroom, kitchen, or office. Pick from various options ranging from cool and soft white to a warmer yellow, which is ideal for living areas. 

Final Thoughts 

You can refresh your home with a few simple tricks without much effort and cost. Plan how much you want to do, what to tackle first, and start with a good cleanout.

A few changes, a fresh coat of paint, and moves around the house can make a significant difference. Add a bit of greenery as a breath of fresh air. Don’t forget about your fixtures and fittings, and check that all is fully functional. 

About The Author: Wendy Dessler is a super-connector who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.
Image by Anabel Flores from Pixabay

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