Bring Out The Décor: Smart and Easy Home Décor Ideas

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Your home is your haven; it’s your safe place that is an accurate reflection of what keeps you going. Just like how no two people look or behave the same, no two homes look or feel the same either.

Every home has a unique vibe, air, presence, and environment to it. More often than not, it’s the residents of the home who set the tone and mood of the entire place. So, when you get down to deciding the décor of your home, you need to ask yourself an important question: “What do I want my home to look like?”

Is home décor expensive?

There is this long-existent myth about home décor: you have to have a big budget to get it right. Most people believe that home décor is a fast-changing industry, and the market is always surging with new trends and products. This is why decorating your home and making it look reasonably nice requires a large investment. Those who don’t have a massive budget kept aside often find themselves cutting back on things and not taking the step forward. However, with this article, we home to bust this myth and show you how you can always make your space look beautiful, big budget or not.

Here’s a list of simple and inexpensive ideas to make your home décor look stunning:

Wallpapers and stickers

Painting can be a very elaborate and tedious job, and not to mention expensive. Artistic walls can transform even the simplest spaces into trendy talking points. Painting art and murals on walls can cost quite a bit, which is why not a lot of people opt for it. However, there’s always another great alternative: Wallpaper! These are available everywhere in a variety of designs and lovely patterns. And, they cost less than half of a paint job, which means you can switch designs often too.

Bring Out The Decor Smart and Easy Home Decor Ideas


You can always turn a simple cardboard box or even a plastic holder into something ornamental. Things like pen holders, bookshelves, photo frames and many more items can be made using junk or recycled material which you will find lying around at home. Apart from spending on a few decorative accessories, your investment is pretty much zero!


Plants are not just great for purifying the air; they also make any space look instantly beautiful! Plants are the most naturally inexpensive way to add a touch of beauty and grace to your home, whether its hanging pots, wall-mounted plants or creepers along pillars and walls. So, you’re doing your part in both making your home look lovely and also making the air cleaner.

DIY Windchimes

Wind chimes are amazing to both look at and also listen to. They are found in thousands of variants, made from different materials and available in many sizes. Wind chimes are believed to bring positive energy into a home, and they’re also not expensive to purchase. Plus, if you’re feeling artsy, you can always make your own simple but elegant wind chime.

Printed art

Today, there are so many images and works of art available on the internet. You can always download images from authorized sites or stock websites, and getting them digitally printed doesn’t cost much. Keeping that in mind, instead of purchasing expensive artwork from showrooms, you can always get a beautiful picture digitally printed and hang it on your walls, doors or any other piece at home. Pair these with some handmade wooden frames, and you’re good to go!

Wooden frames and pieces

Wood is one such material that looks beautiful no matter what you add it onto. Wooden frames especially can add that touch of grace to your home decor. When it comes to pricing, wood can definitely be expensive, but there’s an even better alternative! Timber frames are robust and durable and are also very affordable! For some great ideas and places to purchase, you should check out the timber framing techniques that Hamill Creek uses. These are viable techniques that will instantly give your home a look and feel that you’ve always wanted!

Abstract art

Splash a few colors of paint onto a canvas, in no particular blueprint or pattern, and voila! You’ve got art. The same can be done with fabrics, placemats, coasters and many other tiny details that make a home look modern and abstract. The great thing is that asymmetry makes abstract art what it is, and you don’t have to be an actual artist or purchase something super expensive to add some abstract art to your home’s decor.

So, with these tips and ideas, decorating your home is a simple and interesting job, not to mention convenient and enjoyable as well. What materials you use, how you make the most of what you already have and also planning decor as per a budget are very much doable! All you need is the drive and the inclination to find out the various easy and simple ways in which you can turn your home into a true reflection of yourself, without having to empty your bank account.


About the author:  Tyler is a writer for Hamill Creek who are timber frame home experts. He is keen about home improvement and increasing the quality of life through small but effective changes to houses. He believes that timber frame houses decrease the carbon footprint of an average house.

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